Common Household Problems That Can Ruin Your Decor

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Today, we’re looking at some of the most common household problems that impact your home decor. Sometimes, you have household issues that don’t impact your home decor at all. Take increase energy bills as an example - lots of people suffer from high energy bills due to poor home insulation. It’s a frequent issue, but it doesn’t harm your home decor at all. The problems listed below are unique in that they will disrupt the way your house looks!

Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes are a household issue that causes many problems. For one, you wastewater as the pipes leak all the time. Secondly, you could experience mild flooding in your home, leading to water damage. Yes, this is what can harm your home decor as water damaged walls or ceilings can ruin a room. If your home suffers from water damage, you will probably need to re-do the decor in the room that was hit. Thankfully, you can prevent this by addressing any leaky pipes before they cause a huge problem. Look for plumbers like Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer to survey your pipes and fix any potential hazards. This will keep your home dry and free from decor-damaging water!


Ironically, leaky pipes can also cause mold in your home. However, there are other things that can cause this, most commonly moisture from your shower or faucets. If you get water on your bathroom tiles, it can settle into the grout and develop into black mold. A similar thing happens if steam has nowhere to go and condenses on your ceiling/walls - damp happens, which leads to mold. As a result, your decor is ruined by horrible black marks that stick to surfaces and don’t disappear. Getting rid of mold is harder than preventing it, so be sure you keep your bathroom and kitchen well ventilated and dry the walls if they are splashed with water. This will prevent the horrible black substance from ruining your beautiful decor. 


Lastly, it’s not uncommon for a home to have a termite infestation. This becomes a problem for your decor as termites love to chew through wood. So, any wooden furnishings you have will soon be filled with holes. As you can imagine, this will look horrendous. They can also eat wallpaper, as well as causing lots of damage to the structural timber inside your walls. These critters may be small, but they’re a big problem! The only way to deal with an infestation is to call a pest control specialist who will get rid of them for you. Following this, you should put measures in place to prevent termites from settling in the future. 

See, these common household problems do more damage than you might think. Yes, they’re all very annoying and can cost a lot of money to fix/prevent. Still, it’s worth it when you consider the damage they do to your home decor. You spent a lot of time making your house look gorgeous, don’t let these issues undo all of your hard work! 

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