Five Inspiring Children’s Décor Ideas

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Being a parent allows you to embrace your imaginative side and discover the world all over again. Here’s how you can inspire your child through bedroom décor. Furnishing a child’s bedroom can be great fun – for both parent and child! You get to embrace your inner child and they get the experience of creating their own world.

There are so many creative and imaginative ways in which you can furnish a child’s bedroom, so I think it’s worth spending a bit of extra time to make something really special. Bedroom décor is a great way to inspire your kid and encourage learning, imagination, creativity and most importantly play.
Here are five great ideas for ‘educational’ furnishings that will spark curiosity and inspire the imagination.

Chalk Board Walls

Chalk board walls are a space to let ideas grow. They allow your child to draw, write and even scribble on a huge colorful canvas. The beauty of the chalk board is that when your child gets tired of their creation, they can just rub it out and start all over again!
Not only that, but from a design point of view, it looks great. Here you can see how chalk board has been cleverly incorporated into the design of the room and made into a playful, ‘scribbling’ centerpiece. 
This idea is a great addition to any kid’s room as it encourages creativity and experimentation. It can even be used to practice spelling and maths.

Look To The Stars
The solar system fascinates and beguiles many adults with the mind-boggling science, as well as the mysterious beauty of outer space. To a child, the solar system can be just magical. If your kid is interested in science then introducing them to the solar system through fun and creative furnishing can be a great way to spark their imagination.

Take a look at these beautiful lampshades in the shape of planets and see how easily they could be incorporated into a kid’s room. These sorts of lamps are great too because they can used as night lights, if your child is afraid of the dark. It also means their room is transformed into outer space at night!
Imaginative areas of science like the solar system can be a great way for children to develop an interest in the scientific world.

Have Fun With The Alphabet
Every parent is keen for their child to learn how to read and write, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Try introducing the alphabet from an early age but in a fun, relaxed environment. This way, your child can become familiar with the alphabet before they start school and start to enjoy the shapes and sounds of letters.

There are many great games and toys available to help you do this, but another way that you can embrace the alphabet is through decorations and furnishings – which you and your child could make together.
Take a look at these beautiful alphabet pebbles which not only look great but look like they would be fun to make. You could try anything from bunting to potato printing. Craft activities like this can bring the alphabet to life and add colorful decorations to your child’s room.

Create Your Own Reading ‘Tree’
Developing a love of reading can not only help your child at school but through their whole life. Being a book worm can enrich your adult life, as well as inspire you through childhood. Not everyone takes to reading straight away and children who find it difficult can be put off.

One way you can make reading a fun, accessible and decorative part of your kid’s room is by creating a reading tree. Something like this not only creates an eye-catching center piece but it brings reading to life and makes the act of reading and choosing a new book exciting.

Beautiful, creative ideas like this can encourage children to pick up book. You could even take it a step further and include a reading hammock. Creating a dedicated reading zone and a special, exciting seat for reading can make reading a magical experience.

Discover The World
Children are often very curious about the way things work and are filled with interesting and sometime endearingly cute questions – so why not encourage their curiosity with maps of the world in their room? The world is a fascinating place and each country has a story to tell.

You could get world map duvet cover or even a globe-trotting oil cloth tablecloth. Whatever you choose, little furnishing ideas like this can inspire children in everyday life to discover more and ask you more weird and wonderful questions!

Do you know of any great furnishing ideas that help to inspire children? Share your thoughts below.

Bio: Estelle Page is a mum, interior designer and a keen blogger. She loves to think of imaginative and fun things to do with her kids – being a mum has definitely brought out her creative side!   

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