Jessica Sophia Wong @sillydrunkfish
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A 20s something New Yorker; I'm a photographer. I'm a food addict. I'm a travel addict, solo female traveler and active on the couchsurfing community. I'm a wine enthusiast. I’m a Papillon owner. I love to laugh. I enjoy making other people laugh. Je adore French music. I grew up with an American Eskimo, a Siamese cat and a parrot. I love architecture and arts.

I am a firm believer of many things. I believe the world is a beautiful and amazing place with a million little secrets to be discovered. I am a firm believer that everything is possible and life itself, it's about the experiences. I believe there's more to travel than just seeing the sights; it’s about the experiences and the small, but distinct change that takes place somewhere deep inside you. Never stop dreaming!

I am big on trying everything at least once and just living the hell out of life. I like doing things for other people and I get a great deal of joy out of making someone else feel happy even if it's just for a minute. The littlest things can make me exceedingly happy, and when they happen randomly - I love my life. Variety is a huge necessity for me to function properly. I have seen lots of thing and live in the different stories.

The only thing I have found from my experiences, from young to young adult, from music to arts, what makes you happy is the only thing that matters. Everything else is just life and like it or not life is like a cup of coffee. If anyone knows what that means ;)

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Quote to Live By

"Not all those who wander are lost."
- J. R. R. Tolkien

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