5 Bathroom Trends to Explore in 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to introduce a major change into your home and your life – if organized properly, this process can be completed in just a couple of days, yet its benefits are quite lasting. Even though bathrooms are usually the smallest spaces in our homes, they still deserve and require a ton of attention, and everything you invest in them will make them seem nicer, cozier and more intriguing. However, you can’t just pick up a hammer and start remodeling the bathroom without thinking about it first, which is why most people spend quite some time contemplating what needs to be done and planning how to do it adequately. In order to get the job right, you might also want to take some of the most popular bathroom trends into consideration and get inspired by other people’s work. 

More and more space

Bathrooms are the smallest spaces in our homes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get bigger! Increasing the size of a bathroom isn’t easy and cheap, but it’s doable, especially if your bathroom is located next to a spare bedroom or a pantry. This project will require quite some time, but it will bring amazing results for all members of your family, so be sure to consider it. However, if you realize it isn’t such a great idea, there are ways to make your bathroom seem larger, and these are always worth exploring – opting for certain colors, adding more light, decluttering regularly and installing smaller fixtures are just some of the ideas to make a small bathroom appear bigger, so be sure to explore these as well.

Storage area

Large families need lots of storage space for their clothes and personal belongings, and this is also true for the stuff they use in the bathroom as well – just imagine being surrounded by all those shampoo bottles, towels, combs and toothbrushes every single day! Adding more storage space to your bathroom will become quite popular this year, so look into installing new vanities, adding more plastic containers, utilizing every inch of free space and, after all, hiding away some of the things in other parts of your home as well. Nonetheless, before you start doing all that, please remember to declutter your bathroom and throw away everything that isn’t absolutely necessary – this way, you’ll get more space and won’t have to worry about storage anymore!

Comfort and coziness

Besides being practical, bathrooms should also be quite cozy, which is a fact many people don’t pay enough attention to – they use their bathrooms just for certain activities and tend to forget about their own comfort. Luckily, this problem has a simple and straightforward solution that can help you understand the importance of coziness in your bathroom and appreciate it more than ever: a new bathtub. With lots and lots of models on the market, picking an awesome bathtub is now much simpler than before; all you need to do is browse through reliable and spacious bathtubs that will provide you with all the luxury and relaxation you need on a daily basis.

New fixtures and fittings

While investing your time and money into large renovation projects is quite all right and bound to turn your bathroom into something spectacular, focusing on details is rather important as well. This is the reason why lots of people stick to the basics and try to introduce a more permanent change into their bathrooms by replacing fixtures and fittings. This idea seems too simple to work, but going for simplicity instead of choosing something avant-garde will become more popular this year than ever before, so think in this direction. Installing new features will take you only a day or two, but their effects will last much longer.

Organic materials

Realizing that our planet is in a major problem and probably facing an ecological disaster sooner than we expect can help us understand the importance of sustainability and using eco-friendly materials day after day. This goes for all areas of your home, including the bathroom, so choosing organic environmentally-safe materials is the way to go in 2018. Bamboo, organic cotton, wood and recycled materials can turn your simple bathroom into a remarkable space quite easily, particularly if you’re stuck with a small bathroom and don’t know how to make it stand out. Finally, these materials will add a dose of Zen into your bathroom, enhancing the cleansing experience and introducing serenity to your life.

Not a lot of people dare to make a change in their bathroom and are generally unsure what it would look like after being renovated, but you have to think outside the box and make a move. You never know what might potentially work and which one of these bathroom trends for 2018 will turn your bathroom into something fantastic!

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