4 Tips To Organize Your Belongings Before Moving Home

Monday, July 20, 2020

When you’re preparing to move home, there are plenty of chores on your list. One of the most important stages of moving house is organizing your belongings and packing up. You’ve likely accumulated many items that you may not wish to hold onto. To get your belongings organized, try following these four simple tips.

1. There’s an app for that

There are several different apps which can help you get ready to move home. These three will help you take care of everything from sorting to cleaning and selling.

Decluttr: Decluttr is an app which is handy to sell items such as games, books, DVDs or tech items. The application offers customer support, help managing orders, and simple transactions via Paypal. You won’t want to take all your old clutter to your new home, and with Decluttr you can make some cash to put toward your moving expenses.

Sortly: This inventory application can be useful when you’re preparing to move home. Creating an inventory of your items can help you when planning your insurance cover, or seeking a quote from your removal service. With the Sortly app, you can group your items into categories and plan which ones you want to sell.

Tody: The Tody app supports users to organize their chores around the home; you can use Tody to plan your to-do-lists, declutter and deep clean. If you’re someone who finds it tricky to get organized, this popular cleaning app can help you to manage your chores.

2. Prep your materials

Before you start packing, you’ll need to order the materials you’ll need, including boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap etc. Without the right materials, you’ll risk damaging items during the moving process. Items should be neatly packed, secured in sturdy boxes, and labelled properly. On each of your boxes, you should write which items the box contains and which room it belongs in (in your new property).

3. Go minimal

When you are getting rid of items, be brutal, ask yourself when you last used each item, and consider if you are actually going to use it in the future. Going minimal will allow you to maximise the space in your new place; live a more sustainable lifestyle; or donate your items to a good cause.

4. Consider packing services

Some removal companies offer packing services as well as removal. If you’re looking for a stress-free moving home experience, a packing service is a great idea. A packing service is particularly helpful if you’re pushed for time throughout the moving process. For an excellent removal and packing service, check out on the go moving. They offer a fully licensed and insured service, and a wealth of experience to ensure your move runs smoothly.

If there are any items that you cannot sell or donate, ensure that you dispose of these items in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Most items should be suitable to recycle with your regular garbage. For bulky items of furniture consider using a house clearance company.

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