5 Foods To Cut Down On If You Want White Teeth

Monday, August 24, 2020

All of the food we eat has a consequence on our bodies in one way or another. If you’re suffering from yellow or stained teeth - which are otherwise healthy - it’s probably down to your eating/drinking habits. So, to correct the problem and be left with pearly whites, you have to identify which foods are causing the most harm.

He’s a brief list of the biggest culprits that you should probably cut down on:

Tea and Coffee

Yes, two of the most comforting beverages are guilty of staining your teeth. Both of these drinks contain tannins, which is a substance that causes staining. It’s recommended that you cut down on these beverages to avoid staining. My advice is to have a coffee or tea with your breakfast, then maybe one more later in the day. Also, chew some gum after to try and get the drink residue off your teeth before it settles in. This way, you can still enjoy these drinks, but in moderation.


Beetroot is very healthy and has many benefits for the human body. However, it will definitely stain your teeth if you eat too much of it. Granted, most of you aren’t in tears at the thought of cutting down on beets! It’s not very common food, and it’s also one that you can easily replace and still get the health benefits.


Unfortunately, you may have to cut down on your chocolate intake if you want white teeth. Realistically, this is something you should already be doing! Chocolate isn’t great for your health, though dark chocolate is the healthiest option and has some antioxidants. Even the best cosmetic dentists will struggle to provide gleaming white teeth if you keep stuffing your face with chocolate every day. Cut down to maybe a small portion a day, or even less frequently if you can. Again, like coffee and tea, try chewing gum to remove the chocolate from your teeth after eating.

Red Wine

Wine lovers around the world are in ruins as they toy with the idea of giving up red wine for white teeth. You can see why red wine stains your teeth - if you’ve ever spilled it on anything, you’ll know how hard it is to get out. The good news is that you can work your way around this slightly by using a straw to drink through. This means the liquid doesn’t come into contact with your teeth as much as it would if you drank normally. Indeed, this is a tactic you can use with all drinks.


Another healthy food that can stain your teeth - how annoying. Fear not, there’s no need to banish blueberries from your diet. Avoid blitzing them up, and rinse your mouth out with water after eating. This helps you prevent stains while still enjoying the benefits blueberries bring to the table.

If you want a set of beautiful white teeth, these five foods need to be reduced. Or, you should use smart tactics to prevent them from staining your teeth - like drinking through a straw, chewing gum, and swilling your mouth with water.

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