6 Ideas To Get Your Home Summer Ready

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

During the summer time, we tend to do lots of entertaining, especially in our gardens. But before you plan all those garden parties, you’ll want to get your home looking its best. To get you off to a fab start, try using these six summer revamp ideas.

1 . Plant summer flowers

Get your garden looking summer beautiful by planting some new flowers. Try planting marigolds, tithonia, and nasturtiums; all of these are just perfect for the summer time. If you’d like to attract butterflies into your garden, it’s also a good idea to plant buddleia and red valerian. Perhaps you’re fairly new to gardening, and you’re not quite sure what you’re doing? In this case, try using the GrowIt app. This gardening app helps you to get tips, inspiration, and share your gardening work.

2. Update your garden furniture

Now’s the time to update your garden furniture with a stylish and elegant summer set. This year, choose garden furniture that closely resembles living room furniture, to keep up with the latest styles. The colors that are big on the design scene are olive green and golden yellow. Naturally, comfort is the most important thing when it comes to garden furniture. Forget about those stiff plastic garden chairs and indulge in something a little luxurious!

3. Clean your patio & fences

A grubby fence or patio will make your garden look drab and uninviting. Now is the time to give both a deep clean, scrubbing off the dirt that’s built up over the winter and spring. The best way to tackle this job is with a pressure washer and soapy water. If you don’t have a pressure washer, try using your garden hose. You might need a sturdy wire brush to scrape off any dirt that’s hardened onto the surfaces.

4. Invest in air-con

Air conditioning is just about the best gift you can give yourself during the summer months. After a hard day of sunbathing, the last thing you want is to come inside to find that your house is way too hot! Air con will keep the temperature in your home nice and cool. It’s also useful for people who are prone to allergies in the summer. To install your air conditioning, be sure to choose a top hvac company in your area.

5. Update your curtains

It’s time to replace your thick curtains with a thin set, or a set of blinds. A thin pair of white curtains can help you to make use of natural light in your home. Keeping thick curtains up in the summer means your home will retain the heat. Venetian blinds are particularly good for heat reduction, and these will give your home contemporary style.

6. Goodbye to pests

You’ve probably noticed that you find more pests in your garden and home in the summer. To keep pests out of your kitchen, try sprinkling a diatomaceous earth solution at the corners of your floor. The substance is made from fossilized algae, and you can also use it on your pest prone plants.

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