Why Do Your Interiors Look So Drab?

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

When you first redecorate a room, it looks fantastic. The colors are bright, and everything seems light and airy. In short, it looks great.

But then, slowly over time, it starts to lose its luster. Sometimes you can't quite put your finger on what's going wrong, but something is definitely afoot. It just doesn't look right. It doesn't inspire you as it did before.

Explaining the deterioration of your interiors is a challenge. But there are several explanations you might want to investigate.

Your Interiors Are In Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is, unfortunately, one of the most common sources of damage for your interiors. High-energy ultraviolet radiation streams through your windows and destroys the molecules in your fabrics that give them their color. Over time, they begin to look dull and grey - a shadow of their former self.

For many homeowners, this feels like a catch-22 situation. You want to have plenty of natural light in your interiors. But you also want them to stay looking young forever.

Here you have a couple of blinds. Either you get electric blinds that lower and raise automatically, according to the angle of the sun. Or you buy fabrics and materials that won't dull, no matter how much sun they get.

You Have A Pest Problem

Pests are a major source of concern for homeowners. Once critters get inside your property, they can cause massive damage, both to your carpets and behind the scenes.

Spider control, for instance, is essential for preventing the buildup of cobwebs (and to avoid regular panics). Vole control is also important, as these creatures can bring damp into your property and spread disease.

You're Smoking Indoors

Smoking isn't just something that damages the lungs - it also takes its toll on your interiors.

You always know when you go into the smoker's home because of the damage to the walls and the carpet. Everything takes on a brown, musty appearance as residue from the cigarettes stains all surfaces. What's more, it is difficult to remove it once it becomes ingrained.

You're Not Vacuuming Regularly Enough

Carpets should stay in good condition for many years. Manufacturers make them out of tough fibers, designed to stand the test of time.

The problem comes, though, when dirt becomes ingrained. As people trudge particles into the home on the soles of their shoes, it falls deep into the carpet.

Most of these particles are abrasive, so when somebody walks on them, they rub against the strands of fiber that make up the material. If this happens frequently enough, the carpet begins to lose its bounce and appears flat and dull.

Vacuuming regularly, therefore, is essential. It hoists these particles out of the carpet material and prevents them from causing further damage.

You Don't Deep Clean Your Upholstery

Finally, if you neglect to deep clean your upholstery on your sofas and chairs, it will start to go grey. Once a quarter, hire a specialist company to come and steam clean it for you, making it look like new.

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