Making Better Use Of The Sun In Your Home

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sunlight can do your home a lot of good. A well-lit home looks cleaner, feels fresher, and could even be better for your health. Besides the vitamin D exposure, that natural light has been shown to play a large factor in the body’s natural clock that plays a factor in many things from mental health to sleep. Let’s look at how to use it a little better in the home.

Brighten things up

Color plays a huge role in the distribution of light throughout any room. Darker and colder colors tend to absorb more of it, while brighter colors give it a chance to filter throughout the room and simply create a livelier atmosphere for the space. Paint stores like offer tools and advice to help easily create a palette, so you’re sure to find a brighter color that can still fit the major furniture and décor choices in your room.

Banish the shadows

On the other hand, you have to think about the “path” that light takes throughout the room, as well. The more spacious the room, the more of a direct path that it has from one part of the room to the other. Try to avoid cluttering up the floor directly in front of the window and let the light make its way throughout. If you have furniture like a chair or sofa directly in front, try to angle it so that it’s not catching and blocking a significant portion of the natural light.

Open up those windows

Of course, that light is only going to filter through the room if you give it the opportunity to get inside the home in the first place. Heavy curtains and other more solid window treatments can block light from getting in even when they’re open. It might be time to visit sites like that offer lighter window treatments. Blinds and thinner curtains won’t block the sun’s path anywhere near as much.

Reflect upon this

If lighter colors can better reflect light throughout the room, just imagine what a mirror can do. Adding a large wall mirror opposite from the window, as suggested by will ensure that the light bounces around the room, hitting the spots that you might miss by relying on your windows alone. They also help a room feel much more spacious and open with a little optical trickery at their disposal.

Evoke a lighter feel

If you’re getting the home ready for spring and summer, then you want the home to have a lighter, fresher feel. Similarly, you don’t want thick, heavy fabrics like velvet or brocades. They might be cozy in the winter, but when the sun is out, they tend to weigh your room down. Lighter fabrics like linen and cotton can evoke a sense of lightness, perfect for making the room feel like a little more summery.

The sun is out in full-force this season and, if it’s not too hot, your house could make much better use of it. Take the advice above and let a little more light in.

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