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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do you take care of your skin? Maybe you’re the kind of person who only finds themselves drinking water, a bit of moisturizer whenever you remember, and then you don’t think much more of it. But because of that, do you notice your skin flaking from time to time? Maybe you’ve got dry patches and bags under your eyes, and you’re sick of having to cover them up each morning? Or maybe you still don’t tend to notice, and don’t pay too much mind to your face when you’ve got so many more responsibilities to get on with!

But your skin deserves the best skincare routine, even if you’re not used to such a habit day in and day out. So let’s get your fitting right into the beauty community with such an amazing foundation to work off of; this kind of routine is going to work for anyone after all! So whether you’re looking for quick tips, or something a little more hardy to work with for your skincare routine, this is your time to get informed. 

Here’s some of the best tips you’ve been on the scour for for a long time now; read on to get your glam on! 

Cream always works wonders!
Start Wearing Sunscreen

Sunscreen is something you should never underestimate, and whenever you go outside, you should have a layer of it on your face. UV rays can pierce your skin whenever there’s even a hint of light outside, so it’s worth it to make sure you’re keeping wrinkles and blemishes away for as long as possible. You may not see the sunburn on your skin, but more often than not the damage is invisible, and you’re always going to be fighting off the ravages of the burning orb in the sky!

Buy yourself a sunscreen that’s going to work for your skin type, and considering you’ve lived with it your whole life, you should know what it likes and doesn’t like by now. There’s some more chemically combined sunscreens out there, or you can find a more physical one with better creams in it; but they all work, and cover their bases really well when it comes to being used on the daily. It’s all up to you at the end of the day! 

When should you apply your sunscreen though? It works a bit differently for everyone. In general however, apply it a half hour before you go outside, and try to remember to take a break during your trip out and then re-apply your sunscreen. It’s going to keep all your other makeup in check for the rest of the day, and when it’s super hot outside, you’re going to appreciate having a fresh layer on your face that’ll make the breeze feel a lot cooler. 

Exfoliating: The Proper Way

Exfoliating is one of the main weapons you have against bad skin, never forget that! It’s something that should be the staple of your skincare routine considering how much it can do for you. But make sure you’re only exfoliating once a week; anymore than that is going to work against you! 

So, dead skin. It’s something we all have covering our bodies, and something we all need to be rid of to make sure we’re looking our best. It’s completely natural to shed the cells we no longer need, and you’re never going to be totally rid of how much you’re flaking off. No matter if you read through how to get rid of dead skin in 5 easy steps (despite the good advice it gives!), nothing is going to change that. Start at the top of your body and work your way down, to make sure you’re getting maximum coverage from your effort, and try to rub your skin in a direction towards your heart. 

One of the best ways to do this is to get a long handled brush, and go to town on your skin before you get in the shower in the morning or at night. If you’re dry brushing, you’re removing more of the surface skin without opening up your pores too much, and you can introduce a much better balanced skin tone to your legs and arms when comparing to the rest of your body. 

Have Something for the Overnight

If you’ve not got a nighttime routine yet, it’s time to introduce one now. Don’t worry, there’s so many people out there who don’t even know it’s bad to fall asleep with your makeup on, so you’re already doing something good there! So you remove your makeup before you lay your head down on your pillow, and then you think nothing more of it… Is that really right to do? Is there more you could be doing to make sure you’ve got the perfect face for the future? 

The answer is probably yes. It’s only ‘probably’ because everyone has different skin and different standards, and that means the same things aren’t going to work for everyone. But it’s worth a try: have something in store for you to use overnight whilst your skin is repairing itself and smoothing out the efforts you put into it the day before to make sure you’re doing fine. 

Wash your face before you go to bed, and get some cleanser out to really open up your pores and dig all of that nasty bacteria out. It could create a bad case of acne in the morning if you don’t bother to do that here, so this is going to be a wonder move for you to pull. At the same time, some essential oils will work well here; buy a bottle and keep it on your shelf. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend each month on a new product here as you never need more than a couple of dabs to get rid of any blemishes. 

Use Your Eyes

Using your eyes usually means you just have to peer at something closer, but making sure your eyes stay healthy to use can be done by completing your skincare routine in the right way. Eyes are the windows to the soul after all, they should shine bright whenever someone wants to look you in them, even when that’s just you in the mirror!

So make sure you’re never walking around with dry eyes, first of all. That’s something that won’t do well for how much you want to rub them, seeing as they’ll be incredibly itchy whenever you’re not blinking them. Don’t be afraid to pop some standard eye drops from the drug store in whenever you feel the dry season coming around; it’s cheap and effective, and your eyes will thank you for it. 

It’ll also be a good idea to focus on your eyelashes and brows here, seeing as they’re going to be catching any debris that has the audacity to fall into your eyes. Not only do they need to be shaped well, but they need to be on top of their function game as well. And that’s something that’s easily done when you have a cream to gently rub into your eyes at the end of the day; not to mention how good that can feel after a long and hard day! 

Target the Acne

Acne is one of the most common, and annoying, problems for someone to have to deal with. And because of that, there’s all sorts of remedies and treatments out there for you to invest your time, money, and effort into. So feel free to mix and match first of all, as there definitely isn’t a one size fits all rule here: every person out there has a different skin type, no matter how many archetypes there are that you’re meant to fit into. 

But there’s always a general underlying rule here: you need to clean your skin, especially your face, every day. This is usually best done when you’re getting ready for bed, as is a lot of skincare, so try not to skimp on that part of your routine. Even a quick once over with a wipe is good here, and you can deal with a much better canvas in the morning than if you didn’t do anything. Even if you weren’t wearing makeup, wash your face. Acne won’t wait around for you to be ready to deal with it after all! 

Ready to Treat Your Skin? 

With all this handy knowledge to use, you should very well be! It’s something not a lot of people tend to go in for, even when they’re plastering up their face with foundation and eyeshadow each day, so be that kind of difference in the community saturated with so called ‘experts’! 

Hopefully these tips can help you be a little more organized with your beauty routine, and if not, feel free to critique them! Share your own thoughts and ideas: the more personal you can be with your suggestions, the more answers people will have to some of skincare’s biggest problems! 

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