How To Be Your Own Best Friend

Friday, July 03, 2020

Friendship is an important experience to have in life. In some ways, it can be considered the purest form of love, because it often requires nothing of the other person to be effective. Giving is enough. After all, true friendship is wanting that which is best for the other person, even if that means having difficult conversations, helping them out with a loan (of course, this is ill-advised unless you are absolutely sure), or simply having someone you can lean on and trust when necessary.

But have you ever considered the value of being your own best friend? In fact, thinking in this way can often unlock the doors of motivation you may have been wanting to open for some time. When you consider yourself a friend you are responsible for helping, you can more easily make good choices in life and defer pleasure for a later reward.

While this can seem inherently narcissistic, the truth is that if you can’t root for yourself, how can you expect others to? This leads us to our pressing, timely and hopefully useful advicebelow:

Work In Your Favor

Work to the benefit of yourself. Many people, especially those with families, can see this as an inappropriate priority to hold. But really, being your own best friend is essential if you hope to be good to others, and to raise their experience with you in their life, too. Simply deciding that you can avoid the work drinks tonight because you wish to get more sleep before that big presentation tomorrow can advance your career and help you feel put together. Maybe going for that eye lift surgery you’ve desired for some time, or attending a spa every three weeks can help you unwind, or fix perceived issues you have. The more you focus on considerations like this, the better.

Make Your Needs Known

It’s important to make your needs known, where you can. This does not mean becoming abrasive, but it also means learning to communicate what you require and not be afraid to ask it. Perhaps you feel that others are treating you less respectfully at work because of your identity. It can be hard to speak up in these circumstances. However, doing so, through the proper channels, can help you reclaim that power for yourself and address the problem head-on rather than letting in build. For some, this can be all it takes to turn the tables for the better.

Develop Your Self-Belief & Trust

Developing your self-trust is important. If you make an appointment with yourself, even if that’s just going for a walk in the morning, try and keep it. When you break a vow or a promise to yourself, your word slowly becomes a little less valuable in your mind. This can leave you feeling at odds with yourself. It’s okay to change your plans, but be sure to focus on the things you have promised yourself, no matter if that’s avoiding greasy snacks this month, or doing your best to meditate each night. When you keep your own promises, odds are you’ll feel like a force of nature, and you’ll have also been a good friend to yourself.

With this advice, we hope you can become and serve as your own best friend.

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  1. Also important that you dont become too selfish, but you learn to put yourself first.


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