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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do you believe the term of "What goes around, comes around?" Some of us do, some of us don't. But it doesn't matter, try these little acts of do-goodery and the happy vibes they produce will boomerang right back to you.

1) That jangling sound -
When you walk? It's probably about 10 bucks in change. Plunk it into a Coinstar machine, hit the donate button and choose from a great list of worthy nonprofits. The simple term = donate even a dollar to the red cross might works.

2) Teach a kid -
How to tie a shoelace, the difference between lay and lie, or how to make a bully sorry that he/she ever messed with you, anything that took you too long to learn on your own.

3) Stop berating/complaining
About your hair for not being perfect, your nose for not being Jessica Alba's/Brad Pitt's, your weight has increase 2 pounds from your last meal. Kindness starts at home.

4) Commit to -
A three compliments a day minimum. And stick to it. When you wake up in the morning go to mirror and tell yourself that today is gonna be a good day. Be confidence of who you are.

5) Say 'no problem' -
To the waitress who forgot your ice lemon tea, the guy who cut in front of your line, even the ex whose name you still curse. Forgiveness, after all, is 401 (karma) of life.

6) Simple rule -
Know the name of anyone you see at least once in a week. That means include your classmate, co-workers, your dry cleaner, the office security guard and your weird neighbors.

7) Wow, somebody -
Should really help that lady lug her heavy stroller up the stairs. Wait, isn't your middle name Somebody?

8) Is okay -
To send a 1 a.m. e-mail to your boss/teacher just so he/she knows how late you worked

9) Treat yourself -
To that chocolate sundae. A recent study from an University found that people may act more altruistic after a major infusion of glucose! Leave your 'diet' behind once in a while.

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  1. Nice rules to live by, i especially like wowing strangers and treating myself to chocolate ;)

  2. perharps these would be useful for me, thxs


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