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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I am so happy today when I come across the internet and I found him, Scuba Steve, one of my buddy that I know in Cobleskill. He is the most funniest person in the world, nice and crazy sometimes. He just like my guardian angel. Oh Scuba! I'm so glad that you're here!!

Here is the post that I took from his page, and my respond to it:

" Well now that I am out in the real world I have decided to start a blog to keep people updated and informed about my life... I don't know if anyone will actually read this, but I am going to write...

As most of you already know I graduated from State University of New York, Cobleskill on Saturday with a BT degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Administration.
I had to say goodbye to some awesome people on Saturday :( These people have touched my and I will never forget them..."

Dear Scuba,
If you are reading this post, I want to let you know that you will never be forgotten. We will miss you and wish you the best on your bright future. And plus, I will be checking to your blog from day to day, so, you better get your lazy ass down in the computer and write me your diary. I miss you so much, can't wait to see when you come to the city. We should all hang out again and be crazy with Christine.

ps: You are not dead yet. lol

The biggest lesbian on campus (Haha) = (Is an inside joke by the way)

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  1. wow Jess way to make it sound like I'm dead...

    "For My Angels In Cobleskill - Especially You - Scuba"

    "...I want to let you know that you will never be forgotten. We will miss you"

    haha it's ok though... I miss you too :( I really want to see you...

    I have been lazy and haven't posted to this blog lately... I'll try to update it more often...

    MISS YOU!!! :(

    PS Intimacy


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