The Naked Cowboy - NYC

Saturday, October 20, 2007

When I walk down the street after my interview in a consultant firm, I found him .. The legend of Times Square! - Present - The Naked Cowboy!

Born Robert John Burck, the Naked Cowboy is a cottage industry unto himself, often seen holding court on Duffy Square surrounded by his many admirers.

There he is... He doesnt appear to be shy, does he?He has a political science degree and a masters in business (allegedly). He claims to be the #3 attraction in NYC. He wants to be a sponsored performance star... He will use his celebrity to highlight your product. He stands, daily, in Times Square, performing. He claims to have been in 43 movies.Is he hardcore? Well, hopefully not... - Jess's Story of The Day

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  1. jus droppin by to have a view.. cool :D
    hey, jus wana ask.. arent they a cow gal or something which i think my fren mentioned to me...
    well , have a nice coming weekends :D


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