Another Weekend in the City

Monday, October 22, 2007

Its suppose to be autumn now, but I still living in a late summer in October! Gosh, I hate global warming. All the nice coats that I bought from Guess and Esprit have to stay in the closet until the heat is gone.

Any latest update from myself? Yes, I do. I got a JOB!! Finally after two interviews in Manhattan. I received a call over the weekend from the law firm, and he just like, "You got it!". Damn, am I dreaming? Or someone should smack me on my head? Nah. Its real, because I just got out form work today, and Im loving it (at least so far).

Over the weekend, as usual, hang out with friends and I had an interview with a Journalist on Friday night with Momoko, it went all, thanks God. Saturday night, I had a great time with some friends at the Irish bar. (Another ordinary weekend)

Picture taken at the bar - recent

It was so much fun when I hang out with Elena (Blogger LENA's Rant) on Sunday. We went lingerie shopping in H&M, Queens Mall, I was acting silly for the day which I don't know why. We walked into the silk and satin bra's section and looking for something good, I found a cute brown bra and I put it in front on my chest and shout out "OMG, This is so soft, wow!" Everyone was looking at me like a weirdo, it was so embarrassing that I wish I could find a hole and put my face into it. But anyway, it was a fun time tho. :P

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  1. Wei... everytime i open your blog, it auto closes all my window. Damn scary... But I am coming in anyway.

  2. Heh, yeah that Sunday was way awesome!

    Btw, you missed me scaring little children with a single glare in Duane Reade last Sunday with Frank and Steve. Don't know where you were at the time. ^^


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