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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Here's the topic ... When we talk about Global Warming ...

I watched 'An Inconvenient Truth' about weeks ago. The documentary is definitely a good start for those who are still not aware of the problems plaguing our planet. It tells us what is currently happening in the world and what potentially lies for us in the future if we continue to pollute our world. Those are some issues that we discuss everyday. Such as global warming, rising sea levels, extinction of species. When we talk about global warming, it could bring me back to my little background story. When I went to school in Malaysia, I was already used to the hot weather. But ever since then, the weather is getting warmer and humid; I can’t live with the extra heat. Most of the time, I need air-conditioned to cool me up. Plus, when I back to New York, and there’s a big climate changes on this winter compare to last year winter, I started to wonder, is that all about global warming? Is it true that what did Al Gore said in the documentary? I started to question myself. O.o

I was amazed when I saw the statistic that shows in the documentary. Somehow I agree with the message that Al Gore tried to bring to us, but it can’t deny the fact that he’s a politician. A part of the message came from directly in the documentary are concentrate on his past year election and duties. Which I think is not fit with the documentary itself.

Global warming is caused by human activities, I agree on the most part. Al Gore shows different pictures that the scientist toke i
n the past years and it is evidence from the records of ancient climates changes compare to year 2007. Al Gore said that global warming is here, it’s human-caused, and it will continues for centuries even if greenhouse-gas emission are stabilized, changes in the atmosphere, the oceans, glaciers and ice cape show unequivocally that the Earth is warming, according to the first global assessment of climate change science in years. People always questioned that how can we do better to protect the earth. For my opinion, we do the best we can, it is about team work and not only for certain groups of people who consider themselves have they loved the earth.
As an ordinary human being, the only thing I can do now is just keep my finger cross and hoping tomorrow will be better. Global warming isn’t my first concern that makes me worry; on the other hand, I would love to pay more attention to the war and the crimes that happen in my community or around the world.

Global warming is a major problem that may affect our next generation, but if we can’t take care of the crimes that happen in front o
f us, I doubt that even we could save the earth but we can’t save ourselves.

Jess Sophia - Crime Hater
Jess Sophia - Peace Lover

Question time: What is your point of view?

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  1. not bad. At least some1 is also aware of global warming. Keep up the good work n ur blog is ver pretty.

  2. nice movie...everyone should see this...

    the threat is real...
    gore for president...

  3. You are so right on the movie inconvenient truth by al gore...actually i fell asleep halfway watching it (hey i'm still a environmental friendly person)...he was just too boring. Like you say, he is still a politician...i would prefer micheal moore's documentary....anyway i just link you to my site cos i think you write some good articles and comment. Feel free to check out mine and hope you can link me as well. (

  4. Watch 'inconvenient truth' sometime back in April and it's really an 'eye opener'. Pity those who fell asleep during the muvee..u definetely miss out sumthing hehe. Long Live Al Gore!!


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