You Can't Turn Back Time But You Can Slow It

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Why do some women start to lose their looks later on in life? Many women find that beauty has a lot to do with genetics. That’s only half true because our lifestyles play a major part in the degeneration of our skin, eyes, hands, and bodies in general. And yet, the things we do to make ourselves more beautiful, shorten our time overall. For example, when you wear too much makeup, this doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. When the skin cannot breathe properly, it will age faster because it will absorb more carbon dioxide. And yet, some women who are a little too liberal with the makeup they wear, show no signs of deterioration. So, overall you have to work with what you’ve got. There are modern options available to you if you have tried everything else but to no avail. However, those should always be treated as a final resort.

The sun is not your friend

The sun-kissed look is often associated with youthful beauty. However, you only really need about half an hour’s worth of sunshine for your skin to get the appropriate amount of vitamin D. Any more time under the sun’s gaze, and your skin will begin to dry up. It will lose moisture and it's natural oils, causing the skin to shrivel up and become itchy. When this happens, the skin loses the normal elasticity it has lost its rigidity. Eventually, it will begin to sag and wrinkle. Not only this, but you’ll be more at risk of skin cancer. Don’t treat the sun like a friend, a little time sunbathing is okay but you mustn’t make it a frequent and normal friendship. Once the damage is done, it's very difficult to reverse. It's important you protect your skin with one of the premium brands of sunscreen that specifically has UV protection. Look for products that have plenty of SPF 50 and have a slightly thicker consistency so the product stays on your skin for longer. The thicker consistency will also mean it absorbs deeper into your skin over time.

The darker the better

Vitamin E is the champion of your skin and beauty. The darker green a vegetable is, the more vitamin E is packed inside. That means you should make vegetables like courgettes and broccoli a normal part of your diet. In fact, this goes for most vegetables. Dark red bell peppers will do fantastic things for your complexion. Dark green apples will be full of various acids that can tighten your skin and make it more tort around any wrinkles. Cucumbers are brilliant for brightening up your skin thanks to a reasonably high content of vitamin C. Pesto is a great addition to many dishes but the basil and olive oil mixture is amazing for your skin. Not only will your skin be a little more plump than usual, but it will also be smoother with fewer imperfections. The darker the vegetable is, the more enhancing effects it will have on your looks; just remember that as a rule of thumb.

It's just genetic

Some women can’t do anything about their imperfections because it's just genetic. Maybe you’re in your 30s but already you have sagging throat skin. You can try all the different moisturizing creams and serums but some things are just passed down from your parents. Take a look at some of these plastic surgeon videos and see what kind of options you might want to consider. The neck contouring option is something you should study in more detail if you do suffer from an extended and or flappy patch of skin underneath your chin. They will tighten up the area but still leave it flexible and looking as natural as possible. 

More water and clean living

Alcohol is never a friend to your beauty. It's always going to produce the same results. It makes your skin looser, it produces dark patches, you don’t sweat as much and it generally makes you age quicker. Put down your third wine glass and start drinking more water. The more water in your skin, the slower the aging effects will be. Starting working out and improving your cardio. The more your skin is able to be supplied with fresh red blood cells filled with oxygen, the more your skin will feel youthful. 

Nobody can harness time to their wish and whim. But you can slow it down by staying out of the sun’s direct gaze. Don’t sunbathe for too long as the UV rays will damage your skin permanently. And the simplest thing you can do is drink more water and less alcohol. 

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