Prepare Your Home In Time For Christmas

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Christmas is literally just around the corner, and it’s the season for entertaining and spending the holidays with your family and friends. If you’re houseproud like us, you’ll know the feeling of panic set in when you’re hosting dinner and you’ve not had a chance to update your home. No fear! Here are some small but impactful tips to help you prepare your home in time for Christmas - with time to spare for eggnog and a mince pie!
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Think about your curb appeal

First impressions matter and that includes how people perceive your home as they’re approaching it. Head outside and try to see your home as a guest and ask yourself:
  • Is it welcoming?
  • Is there enough light for guests arriving in the dark?
  • Are there any weeds or dead leaves lying around?
  • Where do you keep your garbage bins and are they out of sight?
  • Could your porch or front door do with a lick of paint?
  • How else could you improve the exterior of your home?
Quite often a quick lick of paint or varnish, some fairy lights and a tidy up in the garden can completely transform the way your home looks to your guests. Why not put some ornaments on the windowsills inside of your home for an added touch of class?

Put the clutter away!

It’s very easy to hold onto things in case you need them a few months down the line, and that’s absolutely fine! However, putting clutter away into a sealed cupboard can dramatically improve the way your home looks. Finding cupboard space can be a challenge, so check out these Five Closet Organization Challenges and How to Solve Them so that you can get rid of the clutter and turn your home from drab to fab in no time at all!

Impress with all senses

Sometimes having an aesthetically pleasing home just isn’t enough (for you, anyway), and that’s when you should consider impressing your guests with their other senses too. Having scented candles burning and potpourri can make a huge difference to how your guests feel in your home. Lighting, while it may still be an aesthetic difference, can change people’s moods in an instant. Why not opt for brighter lights while you’re entertaining and cosy lights when you’re settling down after a wonderful Christmas dinner? Aurora lighting is a great solution to controlling the ambience of your lights.

Bonjour Accessoires rise! 

Finally, while the minimalistic look totally works, sometimes it can leave your home looking rather empty. You can pick up quality accessories for next to nothing these days! Things such as ornaments, mirrors and rugs are a great way of accessorising and completing the look you intended for your home! Hunt down bargain purchases such as this eBay rug for a steal that’ll make a huge impact on your rooms and make you feel super cosy over the Christmas period.
Whatever you decide for your home, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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