Keeping Wildlife Away From Your Home

Thursday, November 21, 2019

We’re increasingly aware of the impact human activity is having on the planet and we’re taking steps to rectify this by trying to lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles. Now, this is great. Recycling, reducing plastic consumption, and using green energy can help animals around the world. But what we often fail to focus on is how we’re impacting the local wildlife around our homes. The human population currently stands at around seven billion and we’re having to create more and more housing to meet overpopulation needs. When we do this, we are taking spaces that animals live in. It’s not all too surprising, then, that animals adapt and learn to live around humans. But we then consider them pests and try to figure out how to keep them away from our homes. Of course, there can be valid reasons to not want animals on your property. This can range from hygiene to fear, but regardless of your reasoning, it’s important to practice humane and fair measures when discouraging animals from staying near our properties. There is no humane way to kill a wild animal, so here are a few things you might want to try out instead.

Be Responsible with Your Waste

Usually, animals avoid people. But they may stray into urban spaces to find food. If there is food readily available near your home, you’re going to attract wildlife. So, manage your food waste responsibly. Once animals realise there is no available food at your property, they’ll forage elsewhere. Use bins with tight seals or locks. Make sure to feed your own pets indoors so they don’t spill pet food outside.


If you have a particular animal encroaching on your property regularly, research how to deter them. Different methods will work for different creatures. If you need help with skunks, find out what deters skunks. If you need help with moles, find out how to direct them somewhere else. If you have a beehive near your property, find out how to remove it safely.

Secure Perimeters

If you really don’t want large animals on your land, put up fences. Larger animals can find it difficult to scale this and will often preserve their energy rather than trying to get over. There are various different forms of fencing out there. Avoid electric fences. These often cause more harm to children, pets and other creatures than wildlife. A standard fence will generally do.

Don’t Have Ponds

Animals need to drink and if you have a pond on your land, you’ll be asking for animals to visit to hydrate themselves. You may want to consider avoiding having a pond if you don’t want animals about. They’re not necessary so don’t have them if you don’t want animals on your land!

These are just a few tips that can keep wildlife away from your home in a humane manner! Do your utmost to implement safe and fair treatment. They need somewhere to live too, so don’t harm them for trying to survive!

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