Fade To Gray: A Serene Monochrome Bedroom Space

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A monochrome bedroom can look both striking and serene if it's done properly. Making it the perfect scheme if you are looking for a way of making your bedroom over. So, with this in mind check out my advice below on how to get a comfortable but stylish monochrome bedroom with the minimum of effort. 

What is monochrome?

Monochrome is all about decorating your room in the values of only one color. The color that is usually picked is black, and then its contrasted with white. That doesn't mean that you have to only use plain black though, as grays are value shades of black too. Although you are welcome to go for pure black and white if you want a particularly striking look. 

Decorating a room in monochrome can work so well because it's easy to do. Most items of furniture come in black and white, as do many fabrics. Making it easy to find things to decorate the room with without having to shop around too much. 

The simple contrast of black and white colors can be calming too if executed properly. As well as it being something of a trend at the moment. So keep reading to find out how to get this look in your own home. 

Design scheme

Now, the design scheme of the whole room is something you will have to consider very carefully in a monochrome space. This is because the interplay of texture, pattern, and light can differ so widely. Even though you are using the same tones and shades. 

For example, a feature wall painted in a black or dark gray will make the room seem a lot cozier and intimate. Whereas all white walls will open up a smaller space making it seem lighter and bigger. 

Regarding texture, a contemporary look can be achieved with lacquered or laminated furniture items that are geometric. Although you can soften a monochrome look considerably by using natural materials like wood in more traditional styles. Along with aged finishes. Something that demonstrating monochrome style i truly flexible enough to be customized to your particular needs and wants. 

Patterns in a monochrome bedroom are important too, as you can achieve many different looks with just white, black and gray. Use small geometries for a modern urban feel, plain color blocks for calm serenity, and illustrative designs to add a little character and whimsy to an otherwise stark room. 


The bed is always the central feature in any sleep space, and the monochrome room is no exception. Although you will, of course, want to stay away from natural wood colors and go for black, white or gray instead for the frame and headboard. 

Remember too that, as we spend way more time in our bed that we do our cars it is something that is worth investing in, Not just for the look and its ability to fit in with our monochrome design scheme but also for its quality and comfort. 

So if you need a new bed to fit in with your monochrome design, then remember to check out sites that examine the top rated beds on the market. As when it comes to where you sleep, it's not all about the visuals, you need to get the size and firmness level right too. Otherwise, you'll be left with a super stylish room that you won't want to spend much time in because it won't be comfy enough and that would be a real waste.


As monochrome is such a huge trend at the moment, it is pretty easy to get decorations like cushions, wall hangings, and pictures that easily fit in with this design scheme. 

A very easy way to decorate your monochrome bedroom that won't set you back too much money is to buy a selection of frames and use them to display black and white types pictures, photos, or illustrations on the wall. You can even be a bit naughty and add an accent color with the frames if you like. Rose gold and copper being the most in vogue at the moment. 

Think carefully about your picture placement in this sort of room because you need to tread a fine balance between having enough interest on the walls, and not being overwhelmed with images. A large framed picture in darker hues, hanging square over the head of the bed can work really well as a focal point. Particularly on a white or light gray wall. While an eclectic selection of images that have a lot of white in them will look great against a darker gray or black background. 

Of course, framed pictures are not the only way to decorate a monochrome style room. You can also use ornaments and wallpaper as well. 

Wallpaper, when decorating in hues of black works best if it's both bold and delicate. Yes, this may sound like a bit of a paradox, but in fact, it isn't. What I mean here is geometrically pattern wallpaper with a small print spaced wide apart, or something with a non-repeating design. In a natural, organic, graphic style. As this can work well too. Although it's probably best limited to a feature wall, otherwise you run the risk of it being a little hypnotic and confusing. 


As previously mentioned picking storage that will fit with the design of your monochrome room, isn't going to be that hard. As white and black furniture is widely available, just head on over to those well-known Swedish megastores to see what I mean. 

Just remember that a monochrome room will always look better when it is organized and uncluttered. So you need to provide enough storage to be able to pack everything nonessential away and out of sight, but that also leaves enough of the wall space clear to get that spacious feel. 

So, if small item clutter like toiletries, jewelry, or clothes are causing a problem with this, then it can be beneficial to invest in some small drawers or baskets. If you can find ones that will fit in with your monochrome scheme. As you can use them to keep all that sort of stuff neatly out of view. 

Is greenery cheating?

A somewhat controversial issue when decorating a monochrome room is whether adding a few plants and a little greenery is in fact cheating. After all, green is not gray! 

Well, opinions on this do differ, but I have seemed some gorgeous and successful monochrome bedroom with plenty of greenery in. Of course, this sort of decision is entirely up to you, it's your sleep space after all. So only you will know exactly what the best course of action is, but in my opinion, a little plant here and there isn't going hurt the overall design. In fact, it can help to soften the edges of starker schemes and make the room seem little more inviting. 

Picking plant pots that do fit in with your room design to ensure that their presence isn't too jarring can help here. As well as using dark palms leaves against lighter backgrounds to give a lush feel. While a group of more luminous succulents in a collection of pots can help break up a darker wall or look super cute poised on a shelf.


Lastly, as a monochrome style is all about playing with lights and tones, and getting them to produce a certain effect, you certainly won't want to ruin this by getting your lighting choices wrong.

To make savvy light decisions in a monochrome space you need to consider two things, that theme of contrast that runs through the entire design, as well as practicality. So, rooms with a majority of gray and black will often need brighter lights both to contrast their tone and to make them livable spaces. While rooms in white and light gray with need softer light for the same reasons. 

Of course, you can further enhance, and customise the lighting in a monochrome bedroom, by using particular window dressing to either let in more light while or vice-versa. Using voils at the windows of rooms with a high proportion of gray and black for more light. Alternatively, reinforce that cozy feel you are looking for by using darker curtains to block out the light. Then you can use warmer lighting in key areas, and even a dimmer switch you give you a relaxed, warm vibe, no matter what the weather outside. 

Practically, you will want a main, central, light, some additional lighting at the side of the bed for reading, as well as near to where you get dressed. Wall lights can work well for the latter, as can lit mirrors, which will fit in particularly well with a geometric monochrome design. 

If possible use the main light fixture in the room to display a structural shade. One in white with retro curvy design can work look stunning and add that last finishing touch to a black and white room. 

Lastly, bedside lamps should be chosen for their decorative monochrome qualities, as well as practicality. Simple white orbs can give a nice minimalist touch to such a room, or metal office style lamps can add a little quirky interest in the style stakes. 

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