Garden Wedding: Preparations for Marvelous Day

Friday, October 20, 2017

Time to tie the knot? The sweet agony of preparation for a perfect wedding is upon you. Preparing such event can bring some weight to the shoulders, but if planned timely and with consideration of all possible scenarios, wedding day should flow smoothly in the joyful and loving atmosphere. Saying the vows in your garden is the most romantic idea, but it will take some work to achieve that dreamy and warm surrounding that you and your guests will eventually enjoy. Garden weddings emanate love, intimacy, and simplicity, but rest assure they are not simple. 

Enough space

Speaking of intimacy, unless you own a huge manor with a park, home weddings are best suited for a small number of guests. Setting up a certain number of chairs that will fit in the backyard is not enough since your guests will mingle in the yard and the house. Make sure to provide enough space for everyone and to create a comfy environment rather than overcrowded one by cutting down the guest list. Intimate weddings are for the family and friends, not acquaintances and their plus one. 

Evaluate the house

Estimate whether your home has the potential of providing the necessities for such event. Having enough space is a good thing, but having well-equipped space is even better. Think about the kitchen and if it is big enough to provide accommodation for catering staff. Is there enough counter spaces, or is the fridge big enough for storing the food for such a big day? How many bathrooms there are and will the guest form a waiting line in front? Keep in mind all the features of your home and plan how to overcome possible shortcomings. 

Spruce up the garden

Since this is where it all happens, your garden deserves a new look. Being a spring bride means going green thumb the fall before. Think of the colors you wish to have in your garden and choose which flowers to plant so that they can bloom by the wedding day. Tend to the lawn and take a tip from people in Hoselink, sprinklers will make the grass look fresh and thick. If working in the garden is taking too much time, consider hiring a landscape designer who can make your backyard look like a home for fairies. 

What to rent 

Easy. Almost everything. Plan the budget and make a list of all the possible renting expenses for there will be many. You will need to rent all the necessities like tables, chairs, glasses, plates, napkins and table linens. Renting a tent is a smart move, whether in case of bad weather or to stay out of the sun. To make sure your home will provide enough power, make sure to rent a generator too to avoid problems while all the music, lights, fridges, grills, and roasters are on. Last, but not the least, renting portable bathrooms is a must. Good news is there are quite a luxurious portable bathrooms now, with lights air conditioning, sinks, and mirrors.

Vendors inspection

Before start renting almost everything, call the vendors to come over and inspect the property. That way you will be sure there won’t be any surprises on your big day. Catering company should send someone to estimate whether your kitchen is suitable or should they bring their portable kitchen. Tent companies inspect the ground to see if it is uneven and if there is a need for building the foundation. Other vendors, like the band or the florist, may also have requirements that you should take into account.


Decorating the site is the most fun part, but make sure not to go overboard. Since already in the garden, remember to keep the place light and natural with some tasteful decoration that will elevate the spirit of the present guests. Fresh flowers, lanterns, with small white lights on the branches and the ground will create a fabulous impression. 

Legal stuff

Find out if your wedding officiant is authorized to perform the ceremony on your chosen location and if not, take time to find the one that is. Also, see if you need to have a city permission to party as well as to park cars in the street. Inquire about noise restrictions in your neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhood, inform the neighbors about your plans and see if they will be so kind to offer their driveways for parking space. 

Although not easy to plan, memories of garden weddings are the warmest and long-lasting since they bring people together in a more close and loving way. Complicated as it is, remember to enjoy the long road of preparations, but keep in mind that it is only a day. Days that will follow after that are the ones that count. 

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