The Best Ways To Travel By Yourself!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Traveling on your own can be a brilliant experience, you’re only going to have yourself to look out for which means that your money is going to go further and you can do exactly what you want because there is no one else telling you what to do! But what are the best ways to travel when you’re on your own? Well, read on and find out!

Travel Groups

This slightly defeats the object of traveling on your own, however it’s a great way to meet more people that are likeminded and doing the same thing that you’re doing! Singles travel groups are great for those of s who want to meet new people and go traveling at the same time; the people in your group are going to be taking the exact same route as you and will be most likely wanting to do the same things as you so you’re not going to be held back at all, and even if you are you can drop out at any time to get on with your own thing! This makes solo travel not so lonely, and makes it a bit safer too!

Camper Vans

Hiring a van and going out on the road by yourself is an experience truly like no other. You’re going to get to drive to wherever you want to go, giving you a much wider scope of freedom because you’re going to be able to get to places much quicker than you usually would on foot, it allows you to traverse countries or states in a matter of days instead of weeks. This is a much quicker version of doing it all on foot, but it’s brilliant for anyone who just wants a taste of what it’s like to travel without all of the hard and grisly bits!

Bed And Breakfast Hopping

This is a very commonly used technique amongst solo travelers, and you can see why! B&Bs are a great service to use if you’re only going to be staying somewhere for one night; the prices are cheap enough for the one night, rooms often only accommodate one and you get a breakfast in the morning to set you up for the rest of the day. You’re going to be able to travel from one to another each day, giving you a comfortable place to rest and eat after a hard day of traveling.

All of these things are great for the solo traveller as all of these options are going to suit you! Join a travel group to meet up with like minded individuals who are doing the same thing as you for some companionship, perhaps rent out a campervan to be able to travel the roads with no one else bothering you or hop between B&Bs to get you through the nights with comfort! If you’re looking for areas of the world to travel to that aren;t very expensive to go to at all, then read this to see which places you should be visitng!

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  1. I enjoy going on travel groups! It's great to meet more like minded travellers together. :) Safer for solo girl travellers too.


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