How to Arrange a Stunning Engagement Party Catering?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The romance reaches its destination when the partners agree to a loving bond called marriage. But before taking those vows for life, one must keep the eyes on ideas for an engagement party. This simple yet charming stage for opening new gates in life together is what matters most. But as much sweet as it sounds the work behind it is definitely standing apart. There are arrangements, decorations, preparations for hosts, guest lists and finally and the most important part of it, the engagement party catering.

Engagement Party Types to Choose From

Since it is one in a million opportunities to make others jealous for throwing a flashy engagement party, there is no stopping you for having a list made on what types are there to choose from. Actually, it is wise to search on the internet and then get a match made with whatever budget thought over it. The following 5 types are popular among couples, both formal and party lovers:
  1. Formal lunch: This is a suitable option for people who loves going for formal background for a formal wedding. Preparations are simple and not too flashy. A restaurant is chosen and then simple food with champagne is served in keeping a formal vibe with it. Guests are invited by written invitation mainly. 
  2. Barbeque party: The name itself is echoing a relaxed atmosphere in a backyard porch and guests enjoying casual chit-chats with wine, beer and barbeque. Decorations are to match with outdoor settings, like lanterns, lights for trees and lots of open benches. 
  3. Theme party: If your engagement party catering is going to be theme-based then that can be a tricky choice. Simply put, it can be normal as just wine and cheese party or just go completely medieval with masquerade and ballroom dancers. The variety of food served in both situations will change according to plans. 
  4. Cocktail party: This idea totally beats other possibilities in the same route. You can book an evening in a cocktail bar or just make it adventurous in your own house. All you need is a bartender to completely make it feel the way it should be. Make sure necessary ingredients and materials for garnishing, mixing and preparing cocktails is there for the special night. 

Picnic party: Couples love to enjoy trips and travel a lot can go for this amazing idea to fix an engagement party. This means both of you are packing lots of colorful blankets with foods to serve guests in traditional hampers. The destination can be the beach or just a little further onto countryside.

Why Does Location Matter in Engagement Party Catering?

This sounds very typical, but the location of the engagement party is important. The choices are many, but it should definitely belong in the right category. You and your friend circles with families who are maintaining a certain level of lifestyle will be waiting for a party that is matching their taste all in all. That is said, the location should be researched upon:
  • Sunset cruise: This is just perfect for perfect couples. The astonishing event of the couple’s life should be celebrated on a voyage in a cruise. 
  • Rooftop party: People who love the engagement party catering served and celebrated under open sky, this is a perfect choice for them. 
  • Backyard party: Inviting guests are alright as long as they can make to the location. Exotic places remain exotic due to their locations. It is best to keep the party near your house or better in the backyard for people who love easy-going places overall. 
  • Beach party: This is definitely the option for fun loving guests you invited.

Caterers for Your Party

An engagement party catering remains unfinished without proper caterers to cope with your amazing ideas. They are those specific people serving to each request. They should have all essential qualities to match with your need and budget. The party idea that you have selected for your own should also be a matter of concern to them since they will be to close the curtains.

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