Things to Create In Your Kitchen And Enjoy This Summer

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

With the warmer and longer days of summer in full swing, it can be challenging to find things to do (other than lying back and enjoying the sunshine) to fill those extra hours of daylight. If you’re bored of your usual evening and weekend plans; it might be time to consider adding a new string to your bow, and getting creative in your kitchen and outside of your kitchen comfort zone. The following are some ideas to inspire you to have fun and start making some of your own consumables.

Tasty Treats

Before you go out and buy several tubs of ice cream and copious boxes of ice lollies, to help you deal with the scorching heat; consider making your own treats to help you cool down. Frozen yogurt a simple, delicious delight, and you can add nuts and fruit to it to suit your preference. The same goes for homemade popsicles; simply grab some orange juice or a handful of strawberries, and get your molds into the freezer asap. An even easier, and healthier treat (yes, really) is frozen watermelon slices; all you need is said watermelon and some popsicle sticks to pop in the bottom, freeze, then enjoy! 

Thirst Quenchers

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as quenching your thirst on a hot day with a homemade specialty. Invite some friends over and start making your favorite fruity cocktails; the perfect addition to a day out on the sun lounger. Another, more adventurous option, is to brew your own beer at home; just imagine not having to head out to the store to pick up any bottles, because you’ve already brewed your own stash. For information and tips on what to add to your home-brewed beverages, you can click for more and find out what’s possible. 

Chargrilled Delights

Summer is definitely BBQ season, so what better way to enjoy your food, than outside on the hot grill. Whether it’s a variety of marinated meat you’re feasting on or an array of helium and veggie skewers; nothing quite beats that smoky taste, that the hot coals and fire give your food. If you want to get even more creative with your barbecued food, you could try fruit kebabs, or dip pineapple slices in cinnamon and throw them on the coals (it’s delicious; try it). Check out five delicious fruits that will help you to burn fat here:

Salad Sassiness

A crisp and crunchy salad can be a filling meal on a hot summer’s day. Don’t relegate them to the side of your plate; make them the star of the show. By adding a good source of protein, like your barbecued chicken or a sprinkling of feta, you’ll ensure that your healthy delight is a well-rounded and fulfilling meal. You can be creative with your salad dressings, and keep them in mason jars in the refrigerator, to pull out as and when you need them. For some tasty salad dressing ideas, click here. Whatever you decide to make and cook over the summer, the fact that it’s homemade will make it taste even better.

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