Achieving The Ideal Capsule Wardrobe For Traveling To Hot Climes

Saturday, June 24, 2017

There’s nothing worse than traveling for hours, then rocking up to your destination, only to find that you’ve forgotten to pack an essential item of clothing, like your swimwear or something to cover your shoulders on your first night out by the ocean. Nobody wants to be rooting through what’s available from the hotel lobby’s limited kaftan store when they are suffering from jet lag. Therefore, it’s crucial that you pack all the essentials, and create a capsule wardrobe for your vacation, which will see you through any situation (even if that is just sipping cocktails in the sun). The following are some tips on putting together exactly what you’ll need to look super stylish on your trip.

Utilizing What’s In Your Wardrobe

Before you go skipping off to the mall to stock up on a pile of clothes that you might wear; walk over to your wardrobe and take a look at what you have already. Light layers are the key to success when it comes to your attire in a hot country. Most of the time, you’ll want to be wearing as little as possible; however, you’ll need to have something to cover your limbs if you are visiting certain temples and places of worship, or just for when the sea air gets a little chilly in the evening. Check out for more information on dress codes for female travelers.

Neutral basics are perfect for mixing and matching with your new printed summer clothes, so pull out a white t-shirt and all of your hot-weather denim items. Packing your basic, everyday items, will allow you to have some fun when you’re picking out a tropical-print skirt (you’ve finally made it to the mall).

Buying Fresh And New Attire

Buying new clothes for your travels may well be one of your favorite parts of the whole experience; buying stuff that you need, when it feels like a treat, is the best feeling. However, you can still be savvy and figure out what you need to incorporate into your capsule wardrobe before you head to the shops, or open your laptop.

You can grab a great deal on items in the seasonal sales, or by using a voucher code from sites like, so write yourself a list of what you need and start looking for each piece (try to avoid getting seduced by the discount on a winter coat; you don’t need one). Think of light fabrics, in fun prints, which will go perfectly with the basics you’ve already packed. And, remember to consider each occasion or eventuality; pack for evenings, exploring, and relaxing by the pool. For more tips when it comes to online shopping, take a look here.

Time To Accessorize 

Accessories can be more important when you’re traveling than they sound; you’ll definitely need your sunglasses, and perhaps a hat, to shield you from the hot rays and soaring temperatures. If you’re uncomfortable walking around your accommodation in a bikini the whole time, then consider investing in a cover-up or a sarong; this will make a versatile addition to your capsule wardrobe and will preserve your modesty (if you want it to).

Knowing when to invest your money, will depend on the sort of trip you’re taking, and how likely things are to get damaged. Make wise decisions when it comes to curating your suitcase and vacation essentials, and you’ll have a dream vacay that you’ll never forget.

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