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With the growing popularity of sushi all around the world, Japanese food is now very much on people’s radars. But a lot of food lovers still haven’t had a go at preparing a taste of Japan at home. You don’t have to be as skilled as the sushi chefs with all the fancy tricks that you see in restaurants to be able to cook most Japanese dishes! So, here are a few of the most simple ones for you to try your hand at making.

Salmon Shioyaki

When you sit down for a Japanese meal, it is highly likely to include some kind of salmon dish. One of the most popular ways to prepare it is by rubbing a generous amount of salt into the fish before grilling it. Afterwards, you can serve it on a bed of rice and seaweed.


An easy and ubiquitous Japanese dish to prepare is Hiyayakko, which only takes a matter of minutes to make. The main part of this meal consists of cold tofu which you then drizzle some soy sauce over the top of. Chopped herbs and ginger are added after that and you can also choose some other toppings depending on your taste. This is where you can really start to experiment with what works and show off your creative culinary skills!

Hamburg Steak

If you have ever eaten at a traditional Japanese restaurant, you have probably seen Hamburg Steak on the menu or you may have even ordered it yourself. The beefsteak is shaped into a patty and filled with onions and garlic. Seasoning is provided with soy sauce and ketchup. If you have had this dish before, you will naturally associate it with its tangy flavour which is a combination of red wine, ketchup and tonkatsu sauce.

Baked Tonkatsu 

Another highly popular dish that is highly simple to prepare, Tonkatsu basically means Japanese pork cutlet. Though you may find that this dish is usually fried, it is much healthier to bake, and it still retains its classic texture which is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. There is also a traditional sauce that accompanies this dish and certainly enhances the flavour.

Spicy Tuna Bowl

If you struggle with the rolling part of making sushi, why not turn a spicy tuna roll into a spicy tuna bowl? To make the spicy tuna, you mix it in with scallions, mayonnaise and chili oil. Afterwards, you can simply serve it in a bowl of rice with some raw vegetables. Add a few toppings of your choosing and you can again start getting creative. 

A good idea is to make a few of these dishes and have your very own Japanese banquet. At the end of the meal you could wash it down with some sake or try some kikori whiskey. This will really complete the experience! 

With such a wealth of dishes you could try your hand at making, there is no doubt that Japanese food is both fun to prepare and delicious.

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