Keeping Track of your Sleep Cycle

Friday, June 23, 2017

Everyone has their own bedtime routine. Some of us might take a bath in the evening to relax, and others might do a facemask or treat themselves to some tea. While our regimen before bed is extremely important, what’s even more important is what happens when we sleep. There are so many of us out there who deal with sleeping problems, such as sleep apnea, 68% of Americans’ to be exact. With hopes of decreasing that number, we need to not only worry about what we’re doing before we sleep, but also what we’re doing while we sleep. 

Do you know what happens in each stage of the sleep cycles? Unfortunately, some people don’t. In one night of sleep alone, you can actually go through the sleep cycle multiple times and in each stage something different occurs. 

Here’s an infographic to help show what happens from the time you hit 10 minutes, when your brain produces specific waves to help you sleep, till you reach 50-60 minutes, when you hit a deep REM sleep.

With so many different sleep-tracking devices to gather this data, we can actually learn what times our bodies are hitting each stage every night. But what do we do with all the information? The best thing to do: use it to our advantage and help us get the best sleep possible. With knowing your nightly information, you can help test what gets you the best quality of sleep. Here’s also a few tips that might help you get the best sleep possible.

Wind down before bed - Try to settle down and relax before you try and get to sleep. If you are in comfy clothes earlier, you might be more likely to go to bed earlier.

Stay off your devices - We all know that cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. Have blue lights in them and can cause you to stay up longer even when you’re done scrolling for the night.

Have a comfy bed - There’s nothing worse than actually being tired, but not being able to fall asleep because you’re uncomfortable. To help combat this, make sure you have comfy sheets and a top-notch mattress. Check out Leesa for some of the best mattresses, if you’re looking. 

Keep away from caffeine - While most of us reach for that second or third cup of coffee in the afternoon, try to stay away. Drinking too many caffeinated drinks can actually disrupt the sleep cycle.

Exercise - If you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, try exercising every day. This way, you’ll be tired enough to hit that deep sleep you need.

By using a few or all of these tips along with tracking your sleep cycles each night, you will be sure to find the right formula for your own personal perfect sleep.

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