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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Our homes are our personal space, but many of us get caught up in decorating them in the way we think they should look. Maybe it’s due to browsing too many perfect Pinterest photos, scrolling through Instagram or flicking through home magazines. But when it comes down to it your property is your own, and so why not make it unique to you? You don’t need to go crazy if you don’t want to, but one or two simple changes can make your home so much more personal and inspiring. You could try a mixture of these tips, or just one of them to perk up your space.

A Bold Color

People can be cautious of color in the home, but it shouldn’t be this way! If you don’t want to gravitate too far from neutrals, keep the walls white and bring in an accent color with your accessories and soft furnishings. This is useful if you’re renting, or if you just like switching up your home regularly. You can still bring tons of personality without having to redecorate. Curtains, cushions, rugs

A Piece of Furniture That Makes a Statement

For the most part, playing it safe with your furniture is your best bet. When it comes to things like sofas they're extremely important and not something you can really replace at the drop of a hat, so plain and classic styles work well as they won’t go out of style. Plus, you can dress them up with throws and rugs. However, you could purchase a bold armchair in a color or pattern you love to go alongside it, on its own, it won’t be too expensive. You could upscale a piece of old furniture and turn it into something fun and unique. Having one piece like this in the room 

A Cool Sculpture or Ornament

You could aim to have one piece in your home that’s really unique and makes as a statement, and is so ‘you’ that it makes people smile when they see it. It could be an ornament, a vase, a bowl or something else altogether- display it with pride! You could look at heady glass for sale, look in antique shops or even scour thrift stores and classified ads to see what people are selling. Again, this kind of touch is especially nice if you tend to play it quite safe with your decor, as it’s one piece that stands out. 

A Unique Lamp or Light Fitting

Light fittings are often overlooked when it comes to home decor, or seen as a bit of an afterthought. However, there are so many fabulous pieces on the market it’s a shame not to take advantage! It could be a cool table lamp, an oversized floor lamp or a ceiling fitting that really reflects you and that you love. If you’ve played it safe with the rest of the room, this is a great way to bring in some interest. And with it being a light fixture it’s of course practical too. 

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