Aussie Rules: The Greatest Cities Of Australia

Monday, March 06, 2017

Millions of people visit Australia every year, and for excellent reasons. The weather can be incredible, even during the winter months. And there is plenty to see and do, from roughing it in the outback to loving life on a sandy beach. 

But let’s not forget, Australia is an enormous country that spans across five different time zones. And if you only have a two-week breakaway, it is an impossible task to see more than a couple of areas unless you want to spend half your vacation traveling. 

So, where you base yourself is essential, and a little knowledge of the best cities Australia has to offer will do you an excellent service. With this in mind, here’s my rundown of the best Aussie cities worth your time - let’s get started straight away. 


Darwin is a quiet and beautiful city located in the north of the country. It is an idyllic place renowned for its incredible orange sunsets and superb sightseeing opportunities. The Northern Territory remains relatively untouched and is very sparsely populated, which makes Darwin and a perfect spot for nature lovers and anyone that wants to learn more about the aboriginal culture. 


Australia has a reputation for being a little rough around the edges - and for a good reason, given the vast expanses of the outback and desert that make up much of the country. But in Tasmania, you see a different side. It’s chock-full of natural landscapes and beautiful wilderness, and there is an understated atmosphere about the place that is completely unique. Make sure you check out the waterfalls that surround Dove Lake and take part in the beautiful Overland Track walk if you have six days spare. 


Sure, most first-timers to Australia head to Sydney, but that’s no reason for you to avoid it. Far from it, in fact. If you can pick up cheap flights to Sydney, there is a lot to enjoy, from the vibrant nightlife to the bustling beach at Manly. Located on the southeast coast, it’s an incredible place that is full of atmosphere and history, and the surrounding areas of Newcastle and Central Coast are also worth a visit. 


Cairns is a spectacular place of great beauty, and a big pull for travelers to Australia. You will often find yourself talking with people from all over the world on the golden beaches of Cairns - or out snorkeling amongst the incredible Great Barrier Reef. It’s an adventurous place regarding activity, too, with all kinds of water sports, skydiving, and bungee jumping opportunities available.

Alice Springs

For those that want a real taste of the Australian outback, head to Alice Springs. It’s located in the north, and is somewhat remote - it takes you a cool seventeen hours to drive there from Darwin. But for those that make it, it’s a terrific experience, and the sight of Uluru - also known as Ayers Rock - is an incredible thing that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. 

Have you been to Australia - if so, which are your favorite cities? Let us know and join in with the conversation! 

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