'Splash Out' On a Gorgeous Bathroom

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Bathrooms can be difficult to get right. Being both small and well used makes them tricky to decorate, and it also means they can start looking worse for wear pretty quickly. If this is an area of your home, you’ve overlooked or have been putting off for a while, these ideas might inspire you to make a change in the space!

Bath or Shower?

Roll top baths are the ultimate in bathroom luxury. You get the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary since these old fashioned tubs are well and truly back in Vogue. Complete the look with stunning taps- a vintage style mixer tap works well. Roll top baths work best in larger bathrooms, if you only have a small space, then a shower might be the way to go. How about a large, rainforest shower head for a luxurious shower every morning? You can get shower enclosures to suit any bathroom, so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect style to fit your vision. 


Metro or ‘subway brick’ tiles are incredibly popular right now. However, because they’re quite plain and understated they’re not likely to fall out of fashion or look dated later down the line. One popular trend at the moment is grouting white subway tiles with gray grout. Not only does this look effective, but it’s practical too, since white grout shows up marks far quicker. If you wanted to change this up later down the line, you could always scrape the grout with a special tool and refill it with white- no need for completely new tiles. This allows you to experiment with trends now, without worrying it will cost you in years to come.


A high-end floor covering will really make your bathroom stand out, add value to your home and last for many years to come. Natural stone such as marble or granite work well. While these are pricey, the bathroom is only a small space could be something to consider. You could go a step further and add underfloor heating too, you can’t get much more luxurious than that! 


Being surrounded by half empty bottles, beauty stuff, cleaning products and kids toys are a quick way to bring down the look of the room. A good storage cupboard to keep everything neat is crucial to keeping the bathroom looking tidy and streamlined. You could add a towel holder or some shelves to the walls, or even hang some hooks on the back of the bathroom door too. 


When it comes to a small room like the bathroom, you don’t want to be filling it will too much unnecessary stuff. However, that doesn't mean to say it needs to be bland either. If you want to bring color to the space, you could do so with your towels and bath mat. You could hang a statement mirror on the wall and add a plant for some greenery. 

Will you be upgrading your bathroom in the near future? What kind of vision do you have in mind?

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