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Thursday, March 09, 2017

According to Dr. Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Oxford, the size of a person’s social network is limited by the size of certain elements of the brain. The Dunbar’s number, as he calls it, is somewhere between 100 and 200 contacts in someone’s social circle. Out of this number, your closest relationships including relatives gravitate around 15. However, when asked about the number of confidants they feel they have, most people are likely to say zero. Another surprising number refers to the ability that human beings have to make new friends and to build new relationships: This is a number that decreases as you age as if you would lose the ability the connect effectively when you become an adult. This is because adults find themselves less likely to belong to a social community in the way that children at school do. It is more difficult to manage your social life alongside your professional life as they often don’t exist in the same locations. However, you should look for ways to meet new people as contacts are part of a happy life with solid mental health. 

Open Up To Meeting New People

At first, it may be difficult to imagine how you could meet new people outside of school or common interests. There is no denying that it demands a little work but nothing is impossible if you are willing to try. Most individuals choose to look for new hobbies, or a local class for yoga or cooking, for example, to meet new people and establish new connections. Sometimes it’s about being able to go out more often and give yourself the opportunity to meet people in real life instead of staying at home. The first step is always stressful as it means going out of your comfort zone and maybe saying yes to invitations that you would normally reject. But there is so much to gain in growing your social circle that it seems a waste not to. 

Visit New Places With A Trusted Group

Maybe you could consider breaking the social conventions and choosing to meet new people in a neutral place. Why not joining a package holiday tour to discover a new culture, such as the Sri Lankan packages from www.serendivus.com? Once you change the décor, it is easier to cross social boundaries and make new contacts, whether these are other travelers or locals. Most individuals are more likely to build new relationships when they are on holiday – and therefore outside of their comfort zone and everyday routine. So why not seize the opportunity to see the world and make new friends? 

Discover The Power Of Networking

Last, but not least, creating new relationships doesn’t mean that you have to make new friends. You could just as well make new professional connections and establish a network of useful and helpful contacts. For most professionals, LinkedIn is a great place to start. If you haven’t already, sign into https://www.linkedin.com/ and create your professional profile. You will be able to find business contacts that you already know using their company or their email address, and you can also develop your networking skills too. Business contacts are key in steering your career in the right direction. 

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