Stop Flying Around The Place: How To Travel Without The Mad Dash

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Regardless of whether you are travelling for work or pleasure there are a million things that can go wrong and cause you huge delays and massive stress. Follow our handy must have guide to ensuring you are prepared, whatever the location and whatever the reason.

It’s a fairly typical scene, rushing to the airport then realising you have left your passport in your top drawer. Whilst we can’t solve this problem for you we can help you with a few tips on making sure you never have to deal with this again and keep you on time for that flight. 

As soon as you know you will be travelling get your hand luggage out and put your passport in the outer pocket straight away. If this isn’t possible set a reminder on your iphone for the day before and don’t ignore it! Acting at the first point of thought is going to save you faffing about later on. So be organized! 

Another time wasting disaster comes from going over your luggage allowance or exceeding hand luggage limits. These can vary depending on who you are flying with so check ahead. Create a fantastic space saving travel pack for any personal grooming products. Think about hair straighteners for wet hair instead of taking a blow dryer like these from Hair Straightener Studio. Or choosing a disposable razor over the more bulky electric kind. 

If you travel a lot consider a ready packed bag with the basic needs instead of flying round working out what to wear and ticking off a lengthy checklist. A travel toiletry bag will save you time too. Leave it in your suitcase when you get home. 

For overseas travel get your cash changed ahead of time to avoid rubbish exchange rates. And make sure you have emergency funds on your card and in cash separate to your wallet. This is really handy for emergency situations.

Ensure your insurance is up to date. Whilst most trips will go off without any disasters you don't want to be stuck with hefty bills if something does go wrong. Find the best deal for your needs and as soon as you know you are traveling get your paperwork together and put it with your passport. 

If you are travelling with children make sure you have loads of things to keep them busy. Games, videos and books help divert their attention from the boredom of travel. Take plenty of snacks but remember fluids have strict guidelines at check ins. There are some pretty funky luggage solutions for young travellers including ones that double up as a ride along. This can speed up weary legs between connecting flights.

Travelling should be simple. So don't get caught out. Get prepared and stay organised. Do plenty of research and know your destination. Online guides are brilliant and will help you prepare for a holiday of a lifetime. Then enjoy your trip! 

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