A Cool Room To Chill Out In

Friday, February 03, 2017

Your home is where you relax. It’s where you kick off your shoes and unwind. But, no one can relax in a home that isn’t equipped for unwinding. Is your home pristine? Are your sofas too stiff to snuggle on? There’s nothing wrong with wanting your house to look nice, but it’s hard to relax in a space like that. The perfect way around the problem is to design a space for relaxing. Let that be your private space. Allow yourself to be messy there. Don’t worry about the appearance of your furniture, just the comfort it affords you. You could use your spare room for this, or any room that isn't used. Take the time to make the space truly unique to you. Here are some things that will make the room as relaxing as possible. 


Take time to get the lighting right. Remember that you want the space to be as tranquil as possible. Bright lights won’t help you unwind. They won’t soothe that headache. Consider investing in lamps, or fairy lights, that you can use instead of the main light. Or, consider investing in a dimmer switch which will allow you to turn the light up and down. That way, you can make the lighting suit you. Look out, too, for a more orange light. Stark, white light can feel cold and piercing. An orange, soft light will soothe you and add a much nicer vibe to the room. 


To make the most relaxing room possible, make sure you get the furniture right. Remember that you’re aiming for comfort above all. Look out for the most comfortable couch imaginable. Get something you can get lost in. Or, maybe you don’t want to go down the sofa route at all. Large cushions or beanbags can make for the most comfortable seating of all. If you want a large beanbag, get it at Sack Daddy or companies like them. Get creative with the layout to ensure these look as good as possible. Buy a beautiful rug for the bags to go on, and drape blankets over them. If beanbags don’t appeal, think about investing in a hammock instead. That way, you can lay down when you’re chilling out! You could even place a mattress on the floor and decorate with blankets and cushions. Whatever makes you most comfortable!


Nothing is so good for relaxing as listening to music. Make sure your relaxation room has a high-quality sound system. To make the experience as immersive as possible, invest in surround sound speakers. Stock up, too, on CDs you can relax to. Invest in CDs of natural sounds like a bird call or crashing waves. It’s even possible to download an app which plays such sounds. Rain is another sound that’s sure to ease the worries of your day. If you opt to listen to music instead, make sure it’s not too heavy. Gentle guitar music is the best choice. Acoustic always works wonders. 

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