Packing For Your Alpine Escape

Friday, February 10, 2017

So, you've decided to book an alpine vacation. First of all, great choice! While most of us tend to look at the nearest hottest and most luxurious resort we can get to for our vacations, shunning the status quo and spending a week in the mountains can actually be great for your body, mind and soul. If you go out of season, even better! Visiting alpine resorts out of season pretty much guarantees you a cheap deal, and you will avoid the crowds of tourists too. Plus, alpine vacations aren't just about the snow sports. Sure, if you time it right, you might catch the very end of the season which means there is still enough snow on the ground to try your hand on a pair of skis. But at most places, there is actually still so much you can do - from hiking, to spotting the local wildlife, or just relaxing in some cozy accommodation. Now you've booked your winter-inspired getaway, what exactly do you need to pack?

Layers... lots of layers!

Even if you are not planning on doing any snow sports, you still need to make sure you bring enough clothes with you. Mountain holidays are the one occasion where you cannot over pack - it's essential to have plenty of layers! Why? Because human body heat gets trapped between layers of clothing, which provides natural insulation. Think tank tops, long-sleeved shirts and thermal leggings... plus a few things for the evening, of course! Winter resorts are renowned for having many good clubs and bars, so by all means take a slinky top to hit the town in - just make sure you have a thick sweater and coat to put over the top of it! A warm pair of pajamas is also an essential, although cabins in Gatlinburg are equipped with all the cozy cabin essentials, so you don't need to worry about being cold. 

Sunglasses and sunscreen

You might immediately drop these items from your packing list once you realize you're not going anywhere hot and tropical. But, as every seasoned skier knows, sunscreen and shades are absolute essentials for any mountain vacation. In such vast resorts where there is little shade, the whole place can often find itself at the mercy of a harsh sun -the light of which only bounces off the pure white snow. This means that UV rays are heightened in these kind of resorts, so always pack sunscreen with a high SPF, and invest in a pair of functional sunglasses. 

A camera

Fail to bring a camera on your trip to the mountains, and you are likely to end up pretty disappointed. Mountainous landscapes are some of the most awe-inspiring around, and it is rare to find a camera phone that will do the scenes justice. Bring along a DSLR if you are the photography type and prepare to shoot some of the best landscape photos of your life! If snow sports are more you thing, you can't go wrong with bringing a Go Pro - it will give you some of the most exciting holiday footage ever!

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