Embrace A Celebrity Paradise In The Catskill Mountains

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Catskill Mountains lie in the south-east of the State of New York, at about 2 hours drive from New York City. They are particularly rich in wildlife and dream worthy hiking trails. But what makes this region a touristic hit for the past years is the peacefulness of its unpretentious towns and the stunning beauty of its landscapes. Also, as if you needed more reasons to spend your next vacations in the Catskill Mountains, this has become an attractive place for plenty of celebrities. Actually, it has been famous for several decades, as the Woodstock festival took place not far from there. So it’s time for you to embrace the trend too and to visit the Catskill region for your next holiday trip!

Plenty Of Famous Faces

While previously the jet-set crowd tended to favor the beaches of Manhattan for a weekend getaway, now the artistic elite has been looking for a more peaceful and relaxing retreat: The Catskill Mountains. In fact, plenty of celebrities have made the region their home, or their vacation spot such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who hired a summer home in Woodstock a few years ago, or David Bowie who bought with his wife a comfortable home in 2012 in the region. Even Daniel Craig made an apparition when he bought a stone house from the 18th century in 2008. So, while you may not want to buy a house in the Catskill Mountains - after all, you might already have a perfectly satisfying home elsewhere - you can definitely have a look for a holiday home in the Catskill Mountain, such as comfortable and trendy windham rentals, and hope to spot a famous face along your hiking trail in the mountain! 

Stunning Natural Landscapes

There is more to the region than just celebrities, of course. In truth, it’s the charming landscape of the Catskill Mountains that has attracted them. From lakes, rivers and beautiful mountain trails, you will be surrounded by nature. If you know your classics, you might even recognize the spot in the river where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey practiced their dance number in Dirty Dancing. It’s no wonder that the scenic highways continue to attract filmmakers, writers, and actors who are looking for a beautiful place to go incognito: There’s too much to see to pay attention to the who’s who of the Catskill region. 

Full Of Honest And Relaxing Activities

While the place might seem a little isolated at first, it is thankfully well connected to the big towns around, and it offers a lot of activities to take your mind off your daily stress. You will find plenty of unpretentious and friendly places to eat, such as the Cucina in Woodstock, for example, which is a serving farm-to-table restaurant with traditional seating options. It’s you are after developing your bond with Mother Nature, you should try the many hiking trails that take you around the mountains and lakes. Not your thing? Have a go at the skiing in one of the many ski resorts

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