4 Things to Do and Sights to See in Tagaytay, Philippine

Monday, January 16, 2017


Everyone loves to go on vacations to escape the stress and pressure they feel from their daily lives. People from Metro Manila are most especially keen on taking on trips to escape the city even for a little while. Obviously, there are only several places they can go to that will not consume too much time or effort. 

Tagaytay is one of these places. In fact, it is being considered as a top (summer) destination in the Philippines. Numerous individuals end up loving it so much that they decide to purchase a Tagaytay home for sale so they can have a getaway place to go to. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the luxury of buying one. However, they can still enjoy the many sights the place can offer.

Here are a few things you can do and places you can visit while in Tagaytay:

Fun Times at Sky Ranch Theme Park

One of the most popular attractions in Tagaytay today is the Sky Ranch Theme Park. It is situated close to Taal Vista Hotel and stands across the street from Casino Filipino. It has several rides your whole family can enjoy, including the Super Viking ride, a carousel, and a Ferris wheel. This Ferris wheel is being considered as the tallest Ferris wheel in the country as it stands at 207 feet tall.

The Adventure-filled Tagaytay Picnic Grove

Tagaytay has many recreational venues that you can visit. Tagaytay Picnic Grove is one of them. The place is very ideal for family get-togethers for it has many open-air cottages that they can use to have picnic at. By then, they can sit back, relax, and watch the amazing view of the Taal Volcano or they can also look for other activities to do. They won’t have to look far because the vicinity offers a number of them. You can go on a horseback ride as well as attempt to zipline across the luscious green hills in the area.


See the Taal Volcano Up Close and Personal

Your Tagaytay journey will not be complete without seeing the Taal Volcano. There are various points in Tagaytay that will offer you the perfect view of the smallest volcano in the country. But you can get even closer especially if you are looking for more thrill and adventure. You can hire a boat that will take you to the Volcano Island, where you can start your trek to see its crater. Here are some tips and reminders to help you if it’s your first time trekking its courses.

Food Tripping at the Twin Lakes Shopping Village

The Twin Lakes Shopping Village is the home to the so-called most beautiful Starbucks in the country. You will find, however, that it has more to offer when it comes to food and drinks. It has several restaurants and coffee shops that offer a wide range of food choices. La Creperie, Silver Bucket, The Farm, Greg’s Fruitcakery, Buon Giorno, Bagoong Club, and Bag of Beans are only some of the food venues available at the shopping village.

Tagaytay is a place that has a lot to offer people coming from different regions in the archipelago. Go ahead and see these attractions. You won’t regret it!

About the Author:
Laurel Santos is a 24 year old grown up woman whose kid at heart. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer. She also manages a small pet shop inside their village. She loves traveling so much because she believes that one should not just die staying in without exploring the world. She got a big heart for animals especially those stray dogs. Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about which is writing.

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