3 Top Reasons Why Thailand Should Be On Your Radar For Travels During 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thailand has become a hotspot for travelers. After all, there is a ton of amazing things to do, whether you are old and young. It’s no wonder it makes people’s bucket list as a must-do before they die. However, a lot of people are unsure whether or not they should go to Thailand for a holiday. Therefore, here are three top reasons why Thailand should be on your radar for travels during 2017.

It has amazing cities

Most people have heard of Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. And no wonder as the vibrant city has so much to see and do. As well as beautiful temples, you can expect shops and restaurants aplenty. And not only this, but it’s also got an amazing nightlife. You can expect to find locals and tourists galore on the vibrant streets during the night. And with amazing bars and clubs, it’s no wonder people head to the capital city. But as well as Bangkok, several other cities are worth visiting if you are in Thailand. Chiang Mai is one that’s worth going to if history is your thing. With religious temples galore and beautiful mountain areas, it’s definitely worth checking out. And if relaxing is what you're after from the trip, Pattaya is the best place to go as it’s got a ton of beautiful beaches that you need to see! In fact, you will spend days sunbathing on the glorious beaches here. And the upmarket area has shopping malls, as well as lively casinos to go to when the sun sets in the area!

It has great opportunities 

When you go to Thailand for a holiday, there is a lot to do during your trip. It’s definitely not going to be a boring holiday where you sit around for days. You can try everything from watersports to hiking while you are in the country. And if you fancy helping the locals, you could even volunteer in Thailand. Helping some little ones learn some basic English or even helping at a local animal sanctuary will ensure you have a trip you never forget. And you could even learn some of the language while you are in the country. Ask in the area for a local tutor who can teach you the basics so that you come back speaking some of the language!

You won’t spend a fortune on the trip 

Another reason why people are adding Thailand to their must-do list is because it’s so cheap. You can get a hotel for a reasonable price for a couple of weeks. And transport is cheap too while you are in the country. As for food, you can expect to only spend a couple of dollars! And you will get a great deal when exchanging your dollars for Thai baht. Therefore, you can have a fantastic trip without spending a small fortune! 

And remember to be adventurous when it comes to food. You need to try all the delicious food on offer. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try food from the street markets if you want to find something a bit different that will tickle your tastebuds.

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