Makeup Is Everything, Darling!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Makeup is the modern miracle of our time! What else gives you cheekbones where there were previously none? Or makes your eyes look wide yet sultry for date night? Or even makes your lips look plump and kissable? In fact, it is so good that it's easy to get obsessed with the stuff, as all the products in physical and online stores, social media and youtube testify. So if makeup is your everything, then you need to keep reading to see just how obsessed you are! 

Totally obsessed

Do you find yourself dreaming in eyeshadow and highlighter shades? When everyone else in your meeting is talking about monthly sales figures are you nodding along, but really considering how you would create a metallic liquid lip shade? Do Christmas decorations spark ideas of glitter lips kits, and when you hear the word frosting you don’t think of cakes, bit of highlighters? Are you basically thinking about the sort of products you would make if you were CEO of a makeup company all day long? Then it’s possible that you might be totally obsessed with the stuff!

The great thing is that makeup manufacture is no longer the realm of just the big multinational companies. There are actually individuals making their own products right now. They sell them retail, through their own web shops and portals like Etsy. 

Does this sound like your dream job? Fancy being the mogul of a cosmetics company? Then check out some online companies, known for manufacturing eyeshadow palettes, and other cosmetics. Then you can see if you could turn your dreams into reality.

Mucho obsessed

You know that you are mucho obsessed with makeup if you just have to have every new product that comes out. This is usually preceded by an anxious expectation of the first Youtuber reviews of the item. But no matter what they say, you just have to rush out and get one for yourself anyway.

Oh and subscription boxes! Wow, no one can tell you anything about them, can they? Because you have them all from Birchbox to Cohorted. 

In fact, subscription box arrival day is the best day of the month. You eagerly await the postman to make sure you get your mitts on the latest products before all the spoilers come out across social media. Woe betide him if he is late for any reason!


You know that makeup is an obsession if your keep you finger on the pulse of all the new looks, and the brushes that you need to get that look right. How come for years we were fine just slathering on your foundation with our hands, but now no one would dream of it? Now we have to use a beauty blender, slightly damp, of course. Or a flat stippling brush for that airbrushed feel.

Another sign that you are obsessed with makeup is that you are aware of products that other people haven't even heard of. You have a stocks of things like camouflage makeup that is highly pigmented and waterproof once sealed with powder. So not only do you look great every time you step out the door. But you can also do amazing things like cover over scars, birthmarks, and even tattoos if you need to!

Kind of obsessed

You know that you are kind of obsessed with makeup when you go out, and all your friends are wowed by your look. I mean, they just really love it, and they think that maybe makeup is your new job! But you've just been clocking up some extra hours watching tutorials on Youtube.

If your nearest and dearest start asking for makeover or lessons you know you are a true makeup aficionado.

It's likely that if you are pretty obsessed that you will have a special section in your handbag to keep your travel sized items too. Which are used for topping up your look as you are out and about. If there is not just a lipstick in there, but a makeup fixing spray, an eyebrow pencil, and some pressed powder. Then you have got to realize that you are kind of obsessed with the stuff, right?

Not that bothered actually

You may think that you are not that bothered about makeup, but here's a question you should answer. Do you go more than one day a week without wearing the stuff? 

If you do, you could argue that this means your not bothered at all! Or maybe you are so obsessed with the stuff, that you know that you should give you face a break to breathe. So then it looks its best for the other 6 days a week? 

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