Why I Love to Travel and Why You Should Too

Thursday, December 15, 2016

For anyone that regularly reads this blog, they will know that I love to travel. I am planning trips a lot and like to get away as often as I can. I find that travel is a great way to relax, destress and experience new things. New people, places, and food make life so much more enriching. You might have heard the quote "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” I think that this is so true. Travel can change your perspective on a lot of things and make your life better. Travel really can change your life! If you’ve not caught the travel bug yet, then here are some of the ways that travel can change your life. Hopefully, it will inspire you to get your next trip planned.

It Makes You Humble

When you travel around the world, it really puts into perspective how big the world is. It also puts in perspective just how many people are around in the world. It puts your issues and problems into perspective too. So as a result, it can be a very humbling experience. When you realize just how small you are compared to the rest of the world, it makes you appreciate all that you have. Travel and experiencing things like this can be a big eye-opener to many and can even be destiny tuning when your perspective changes.

You Learn the Value of Experiences

A lot of people say that they don’t travel because they can’t afford it. But the way I look at it is that I can’t afford not to travel. Another aspect of travel is that you do have to pay for it. There are budget ways around it if needed. But when you travel, you realize the value of experiences rather than things. For Christmas, I’d rather take a trip somewhere, rather than spend a fortune on ‘stuff’ to have under the tree. Having gifts is great and all very well. But you get so much back from travel from the things you’ll see and the experiences that you’ll have. Much more than you ever would from an expensive gift.

You Appreciate Everything

When you see how other people live, it can help you to appreciate your life so much more. It can help you to embrace other people and cultures, rather than being afraid of them. I do think that travel and getting to know a wide range of people can really help you be more rounded as a person. It makes you less ignorant to certain customs and cultures and might help you to adapt some of them into your life. I also think that travel helps you to be more intelligent too. You have to be good at budgeting, as well as learning to speak a few words in different languages, and learning all about new foods. Your life experience and common knowledge will increase so much more through travel.

So, was that enough to convince you? When are you planning your next trip?

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