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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sometimes, our houses need fixing up.

It's the cost of living in them every day. The wear and tear begins to build up, built into the fabric of the rest of our lives. The paintwork begins to lose its gloss, the marks on the walls build up and the decor goes out of style. Before you know it, you're living in a house that is closer to the contents of a time capsule than anything resembling modernity. 

You probably care. You probably see the problems, dream of finding the solutions - and then carry on with life as before. We're all busy people - you barely have time to be sociable never mind update the house constantly. When the problem is spread throughout the house due to general unintentional neglect, the scale of the project can feel overwhelming. 

I'm afraid I can't promise you that it isn't overwhelming. I can't offer sweet, beautiful lies that guarantee you that things are better than you thought they were and that it'll be so easy you'll be done in a weekend. If the problem is widespread throughout the entire interior, then yes, it's a big job. No friendly lies here.

With all of that said, it is worth remembering that even the smallest of improvements is better than none. If it's throwing it down with rain and all you have is a newspaper to hold over your head, you still love the newspaper with a ferocity you'd usually reserve for your firstborn. It's not a total fix, but it'll do for now.

So let's keep it simple. One room; one fix. Nothing more complicated than that, just one area to update and to help you breathe some life back into a tired home. If you are good at DIY or particularly efficient, then these are the kinds of things that you can do in a single weekend. 

Bedroom: Update Your Wardrobe

Not in the "go on a clothing shopping spree" way - the actual wardrobe itself. Wardrobes are in constant use every single day and fall victim to it, with broken rails and splintered hangers. Switch to hangers that are new, intact and all match - flocked hangers will help save space. Invest in a wardrobe with inbuilt drawer storage too, so you can limit clutter around the room.

Kitchen: Work Surfaces

As with wardrobes in bedrooms, this is an area that's prone to taking a battering even if you use surface covers. An update from pros such as K&D Countertops can make the whole room appear shiny and new again, making it a statement piece as well as a functional piece of equipment. No more knife scratches for you! 

Bathroom: Taps

Particularly if you live in a hard water area, taps are one of the first areas to show signs of neglect. Even regular cleaning can't prevent the water staining that develops on the underside and can make the entire room seem dirty. Replace old double-spin taps with sleek modern singles for an immediate update that is also the most affordable on the list. 

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