Tick Tock: It's Time To Reinvent Your Look

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Every now and again it's natural to want to play with your look. It's actually a super healthy thing to do too! A style that suited you when you were 19 maybe not look so great now that you're 31. It's part of a progression to play with your look and try out new things. Your options are endless too! As a woman, you can do an abundance of things to give yourself a different vibe, and you don't have to pay out a fortune either! If you make smart choices and do your research first, your image refresh should be a total breeze. Try not to be too concerned about what other people are going to think about your new look either. This is about you - a new kind of you! Be a little bit daring and just go for it, What are you waiting for!

1. Wear red lipstick 

This is such a simple option that will completely transform both your look and your mood. If you've never found a red lipstick that you adore, now is the perfect time to dedicate a bit of time to the cause and paint those luscious lips crimson. When you go shopping, talk to the advisers in store and don't limit yourself by brand. Try new things and give your look a timeless lift. 

2. Change your foundation 

If you've been using the same tried and tested skin foundation for the past 5 years, it's time to do things a little differently. Dewy skin is all of the rage at the moment, and the effect is achieved using BB creams and CC creams. If you've always used a thick and heavy, matte foundation - put that glass bottle down, trust in your beautiful skin a bit more and use a lighter finish. It will take years off your look!

3. Be a Botox queen

Don't think that people only use Botox when their lines are deep-set. A good Botox treatment can actually be used as an amazing preventative. Make sure you get good advice before you get botox injections and size up exactly what kind of effect you want to achieve. Talk to people who have used botox before and take the plunge. If see suspect a wrinkle is on its way...it probably is. Before it gets too deep, use a little botox to smooth the skin out and prevent further creasing. 

4. Play with your brows

If you have never tried threading, now is the time to give it a go. This traditional Indian technique is so precise, all of the celebs love it. Your brows should frame your face so always try to get an expert to do them for you. If you do like to pluck your brows yourself, make sure you don't rush it. Take your time and remember; brows are twins and not sister! You're probably never going to get them to look exactly the same and actually, that is ok! 

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