4 Small Things You Should Change In Your Bathroom Today (To Ensure It Looks Fantastic!)

Friday, November 04, 2016

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom in our home. After all, it’s the first place we go to in the morning, and the last room we head to before going to bed. And our guests often need to use our bathroom when they visit our home. Therefore, it’s so important to make sure it looks great. But often to change the main items in the bathroom, it can be an expensive job. You are looking at around five or six hundred dollars to fit a new bathroom suite. But you can make your bathroom look great just by changing a few small things. Here are four small things you should change in your bathroom today to ensure it looks fantastic!


When we first decorate our bathroom, we usually buy some towels to fit the theme. However, after a few washes, the color of the towels start to fade. And there tend to be some marks that just won’t disappear in the wash! Therefore, to ensure your bathroom looks fantastic, you should head to the store to buy some new towels. Go for a different color to give your room a new personality. And make sure you choose some towels with a high thread count to help create a luxurious bathroom.

Shower Curtain 

After you have had the shower curtain a while, it can start to look grimey. As this article says, a shower curtain with mildew on the lining is not a pretty sight. And as much as you can put it in the washing machine every three months, it’s often best to buy a brand new one. Therefore, head to the store and buy a new one to give your bathroom some life. Don’t be afraid to go for one in a bright color; it will give the room some character and will be a talking point when guests come over!


We often buy a new bathroom mirror when we first move into the property. But after a while in the bathroom, the steam from using the shower or bath can ruin the glass. Therefore, to ensure your bathroom looks fantastic, it’s time to change the mirror. You can find some great designs which will look fabulous in the bathroom. For example, some brands such as Drench sell ones which come with LED lights which will illuminate your bathroom. And you can even get ones which are steam free so they won’t have to be replaced anytime soon.

Shower Head 

When we clean the bathroom, we tend to forget about the shower head. But as you might know, bacteria thrives in moist areas like your shower. It means your dirty shower head could be causing you to have bad skin or hair! And it doesn’t look attractive in your bathroom if there is mildew growing on your shower head! Therefore, most experts recommend you replace your shower head every six to eight months. You can find some great ones online which come with different settings. As this feature explains, changing your shower system can transform your whole bathroom. 

Hopefully, changing these things in the bathroom will help it to look fantastic!

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