Creating The Ultimate Chill Out Room In Your Home

Friday, November 04, 2016

Whether you like to chill with friends or have some time for you that is totally alone, making a space that is relaxing and restful is always a good idea. When it come to chill out rooms, it is important to personalize your home to fit your lifestyle. Read on for some advice on how to do that below.

The Type of Room

The first major thing you need to do when creating a chill out room is to decide what type will suit your best. Some people associate chilling out with watching Netflix or playing computer games. While others think of it as quiet or meditation time.

Meditation Space

If you want a meditation room in your own home, then you will need to to be very brave and rid the room of any distractions. That means no TV or radio. Even pictures on the wall should be considered carefully in case they are too attention-grabbing. 

If that just isn't practical for the space you have, then you can get furniture that houses your media items. Then you can shut them away when you want to use the room as a tranquil retreat, without being short on space.

Fun Room

You prefer messing about with your media devices and hanging out with friends while chilling? Then your room is going to look pretty different to the one described above.

You will want to include all your media devices, as well as extra controllers for when you want to invite people over to play video games.


Whatever type of room you pick seating will play a major part it in. If you are going for a fun room, you will want some comfy seating for yourself. You should also consider getting something that provides a lot of separate seats for when you have friends over. But you don't want it to take up too much space. Try items such as stacking stools or a fold away couch.

If you are going for more of a tranquil relaxation vibe then what about including a space for a zafu meditation cushion or even a massage chair? 

If you like this idea, then check out a site like Where you can find the lowdown on all sorts of makes and models of massage chair. This will help you to make the right choice for your budget and space.

Color Scheme

The color scheme that you will also need some careful thought for a chill out room. If you are going for a relaxing space, then use a palette of soft neutral colors. Include shades like Biscuit, Oatmeal, and Sea Blue, which is perceived as a very restful color.

However, if your chill out room is more of a fun space you can get away with some brighter bolder colors depending on your preference. You can get some advice on using bright colors in the home on sites such as

Cushions and Blankets

Whatever type of room you pick, make sure to have enough blankets and cushions. 

These can be used for meditation to keep you warm and support your back. Or, you can use it in the fun room to snuggle up under while you're watching your favorite film.

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