How to Love Yourself

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

For many girls, loving their body isn’t easy. We are constantly faced with images of the ‘perfect body’ in the media each and every day. And if your body doesn’t live up to that standard, then it can be too easy to start to hate it. It’s super easy to beat ourselves up about our own body when we are constantly comparing ourselves to this image. But that is no way to live your life! As we only get one body, it is important to love it no matter what shape or size it is! Need some tips on how to learn to love your body? Here are some of the best.

Don’t Listen To Comments From Others

When we are very self-conscious, it is very easy to take comments from others the wrong way. However, whoever said something probably didn’t intend on it to come out the way it did. And they certainly won’t have intended you to feel bad about it. Keep in mind that the person wasn’t judging you. In fact, by taking the comment the wrong way, you are judging yourself. So try and take everything that others say on the chin. But what happens if someone does say something that is meant in a nasty or malicious way? Simply ignore it! You shouldn’t be bothered by what other people think about you. Keep on holding your head up high and show them that you don’t care. After all, haters gonna hate!

Be Proud Of Your Body

There will be things that your body can do that some others might not be able to. For instance, if you are a keen runner then you might be able to run a marathon. That’s something to be incredibly proud of as not many other people can do so. But even if you aren’t exceptionally sporty, you can still be proud of your body. Maybe you have overcome a prolonged illness or health condition? That shows that your body is a fighter! Something else that you can be incredibly proud of. Do you want to be even more proud of your body? Then why not take up sport and exercise? That way, you can take your body on a journey in which you can develop and increase your strength and fitness. As you continue to reach your fitness goals, you will always have something to celebrate!

Lose The Social Media

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family members who don’t live close to you. However, many people find that social media depresses them because they always compare their life to others. If someone is always posting weight-loss pictures and beautiful selfies, you may think you aren’t doing enough. However, that certainly won’t be true. If you do use social media a lot, you need to keep on telling yourself that people only post the best bits of their life. They may be having some troubles of their own that you aren’t aware of! Do you still find that you are still getting depressed when you are browsing Facebook or Twitter? Then maybe it is time to give social media a break until you are sure you love your body and won’t be affected by other people’s posts.

Be Proactive

One way to learn how to love your body is to be proactive. Is there something you don’t like that you could easily change? Then why not start doing just that! For instance, if you think you could do with losing a couple of pounds, hit the gym and change your diet. Once you start to put changes into action, you will begin to feel a lot more positive about yourself and your body. Another way you could get more positive about your body is to treat yourself to one of the many different cosmetic procedures on offer. You will find that these procedures help you to look your best. And once you look your best, you will certainly feel your best!

Dress The Body You Have, Not The One You Want

Do you still have some items of clothing in your wardrobe that you wore when you were a couple of dress sizes smaller? Are you still hoping that it might fit again one day? Rather than waiting for something that might not happen, you should throw out all these clothes straight away. It is important that you dress your body in clothes that are the correct size. And that means dressing the body that you have now, not the one that you want to achieve. Clothes that fit are a lot more flattering and will ensure that you always look your best. And that is what you need to look great in photos! So make sure you wear the right clothes so that you can look back at photos of yourself and smile!

Be A Friend To Your Body

If you treat your body badly, it won’t be so nice to you either! So you need to be a great friend to your body. And that means taking good care of it. But there is more to it than just eating well and exercising. You should also talk about your body as if it were your best friend. What would you say if your friend lost a few pounds? You would congratulate her, of course! You need to mirror this when you are talking about your own body. Be sure to congratulate yourself and always be positive!

Respect Other Bodies Too

You won’t be able to respect and love your own body unless you can respect other people’s bodies too. And that means that you shouldn’t body shame anyone else. So don’t be negative towards anyone just because of how they look. By pointing out someone else’s flaws, you are only really trying to mask your own insecurities. It is very important that you start to see other people as human beings and don’t just judge them on their appearance. Once you do, you will be able to see past your own flaws and won’t be so hard on yourself.

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