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Sunday, November 13, 2016

We all know that buying a home is a serious investment. It's something that can take a few years to perfect - there are no snap decisions when it comes to finding your perfect property. After all, it's such a lot of money, you want to make sure you get it right! So with this in mind, it only makes sense that your interior should be moulded perfectly to you and your family too. However, this is something that many people overlook. In the rush to get furniture into a newly purchased home, many people end up making poor investment choices. This result in getting furniture that simply doesn't fit in the room properly - such as having to try and wedge a three-foot cabinet into a two-foot corner. Or, you may simply buy something that in a few months time, you can't stand the sight of. Either of these situations can be annoying, especially when you then need to spend even more money replacing said items. The best thing to do is to sit back, take it slow and make a better-informed decision when it comes to making your new home your own. Getting bespoke furniture and decor is one of the best ways to ensure that you get it right first time - and that you have a home that is unique to you. 

Sofas and chairs 

The living room is where we spend much of our family time in our home. There's nothing quite like getting cozy on the sofa for a family movie night or spending an evening gossiping with friends. The seating arrangement you have in your living area is the one thing that defines the whole layout of the room, so it's vital that you get it right. But this is where standard off-the-shelf goods may fall a little short for you. You may long for one large, long sofa, but can't find one that you like. This kind of situation often leads to people discarding their original idea and instead, going for two smaller sofas instead. This is by no means a bad look, but it can mean that you have to change the entire aesthetic of your living room. Why not contact a bespoke sofa manufacturer who will be able to craft you some seating that fully meets your brief? That way, you also have full control of other aspects such as color and material too. 


When we move somewhere new - for example if we have just bought our first ever home - we tend to have a big clear out of our possessions before the big day arrives. However, despite all this, most of us find that we still can't fit everything into our new place without investing in some serious storage. The key thing to do is to make your storage options work around your possessions, rather than chucking out yet more stuff just so you can use a cheap high street cabinet. Using a bespoke joinery service such as those from Groth & Sons Interiors can help you achieve the storage solutions you always dreamed of. You will most likely have a consultation first, where the joiner will visit your home or look at a floorplan to see what will work the best. Due to this, you may even end up saving space by having built-in storage, rather than anything external that you can just assemble yourself. Plus, having some experts at hand mean that you can create indoor architecture that is both practical and visually flattering. Innovative types of storage include cabinets hidden behind mirrors, and built in bookshelves. Discuss the theme of your home with your bespoke furniture maker and see if they can carry this through your bespoke items. 

Entire kitchen 

In terms of what we use it for, the kitchen is easily the most multi-functional room in the home. We eat in there, we entertain in there and we spend a lot of time cooking in there. Therefore, it needs to be somewhere that you can easily navigate around without any trouble. Your kitchen should work for you - you shouldn't have to adapt your current routine just to suit it. We all have our own little kitchen quirks - whether that is having perfectly organized cabinets, or being used to having two fridges. If you can tell just by looking at your new kitchen that it isn't going to work for you, contact a company who will be able to offer you a bespoke kitchen. This way, you will be able to craft a kitchen that is size-appropriate and one that enables you to be the best chef/host/mom you can be! 


Once we've finalized all the essentials in our home - the bathroom, the kitchen, the hot water and heating - it's time for some fun. Decorating is one of the best bits about moving home and about getting the keys to your very own property. Many of us now rent for years due to moving around a lot and due to the difficulty we now face in getting onto the property ladder. With the tight strings pulled by landlords, it can sometimes be difficult to make a rented property truly feel like your own. This is why so many of us love decorating our new homes once we've finally bought one. Art, in particular, is one of the best ways to personalize your property and really make a house a home. If you really want to make a statement, why not contact your favorite artist and see if they can do you a bespoke piece? Art is always better when it tells a story - and many artists are happy to do a commissioned piece. It may not come cheap, especially if the artist you choose is already very well established. But, it will be something you can keep and cherish for years to come. Rather than just getting a framed picture, you could even ask your artist of choice if they would come and do a mural on the wall. Think outside the box and you'll have a bespoke piece that is truly unique to you.

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