Tackle Those Neglected Areas Of Your Home With These Top Tips

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Most of us have one or two rooms in our homes that guests never see. And those may well be the rooms that attract the least attention from you when it comes time to update the decor. But our homes are the sum of all its parts. That includes those spaces and rooms you’ve neglected in the last season or two! When was the last time you cleared out and cleaned up your garage? And what about the stairway? Don’t worry. There are plenty of top tips to help you tackle these spaces and more.

The stairs are often the most tricky of spaces to decorate or paint. But this is the area that can look worn the quickest. Think about all the times you’ve put your hand to the wall as you’ve descended. Or what about those occasions when you scuffed the paint with something you were carrying? Extender poles are not enough to effectively cover this area. You need to get up into the highest corners and block the area properly. This is why so many people hire a professional painter decorator to tackle this area.

The stairway can also be personalized. Think beyond the color of the walls. You want to be able to put a little bit of you in this space. Why not try letter art to form your name or some photos of your family? There is nothing wrong with hanging more abstract art here either. Contemporary wall art can brighten up the space and give an otherwise drab area a lot more personality.

The upstairs and downstairs hallways are also often neglected. This is because we only pass through. We never spend quality time in these areas. However, these may be the first parts of your home that guests will see. You might want to make a really good impression here. Try a really bright, welcoming color. Or maybe you prefer to pick something that ties the space in with the rest of the rooms in your house? This might be a style of light shade, the flooring, or even the window drapes.

It’s possible that the first area of your house you spend any time in when you get home is your garage. You park the car, and you go in. Of course, if your garage has become a storeroom or a junk hoarding space, it’s time you focused some attention there. You could clear it out and turn it into an attractive and usable space on a very minimal budget. To clear it out, empty it onto your drive or patio. This will give you some urgency to tidy away your belongings before the weather changes!

Once you’ve emptied your garage, chances are it will need a good clean. You can board up the walls with ply or plasterboard. Add some insulation, and this could become a games room or gym. A good sweep, vacuum, and a paintbrush might be all you need to completely transform this space. Or it might just be the blank canvas you need to create a wonderful nook just for you.

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