The Changes Your Home Needs To Really Become A Workspace

Monday, November 14, 2016

Starting a home business is a big step for anyone to undertake. It has plenty of benefits you can name off the top. You save on the money of a premises and all that entails. You’re in a comfortable, familiar space. But it also has some problems. A lot of people just can’t find the focus they need at home to get some work done. So we’re going to look at how you start changing your home to really make it a workplace.

It’s work time, not home time

First, make sure there’s a clear dividing line between your home and your office. Anything that might prove distraction has to go. You can’t keep anything that zaps your motivation to work That means no TVs in the home office. It also means that a discussion with the family may be necessary. People have to respect that you’re in a space that’s all about work. They can’t come in and hang out while you’re crunching numbers or on the phone. You need a touch of professionalism even in the home.

Comfort’s a concern

You’re not likely to want to work on a couch that looks comfy and plush. You need proper office furniture. That means a chair that properly supports your back and a computer desk that keeps you at eye level with the top of your monitor. These ergonomic concerns are going to help you stave off the risk of back pain and RSI. Letting more light, both natural and with a lamp, will help you stay motivated while fighting eyestrain. Similarly, you can’t work in a box room with no temperature controls. You need to consider ventilation and adding things like a Magic Chef HVAC setup.

Get creative with storage

We all know that businesses tend to accrue plenty of stuff that takes up space. Paper, stationery, cables and the like. You don’t have all the space in the world, but keeping a workspace free of clutter is important. A cluttered space makes a cluttered mind. So you need to get creative with how you use your storage. Cable ties are the start. Then you start using things like the walls, even the edges of the desk to hold more stuff you need regularly. The internet is chock full of tips for creative storage in the office.

Beat procrastination with forward thinking

You are a big part of how productive your office is. Going straight from home to the office in a few steps isn’t enough of a transition for people. At the start of your day, plan the working day out. Keep a list of all the tasks you have to take care of. Make a ‘To Do’ and a ‘To Don’t (For Today)’ list. Pay attention to your own working day, too. Tick of tasks and note the time you tick them off. If you figure out your most productive times of the day, you save the biggie tasks for those periods.

It’s all about a switch in priorities. You need that home/life boundary and you need to think about what makes a good work environment, not a good home environment.

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