Makeover Your Home With A Kitsch Kitchen

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

“You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties”. There’s a reason for this song and a reason that usually, you will find people in the kitchen at parties. The kitchen is the social centre of your home. It’s where the meals are made and the drinks are served. Everything about the kitchen is about caring for others and enjoying one another’s company. So it’s important to make sure that your kitchen space is welcoming. Here’s how to create the perfect atmosphere in one of the most important rooms of your home.


Whether you’ve just moved into your home or have been there for years, your kitchen could probably do with a complete renovation. Check out sites such as for some ideas. Designing a beautiful kitchen isn’t easy. So let the professionals help. You’ll be able to gather all of your ideas together with them and they’ll be able to let you know whether what you want is feasible. Decide on a budget before you start any work and stick to it. You don’t want your imagination running wild and leaving you bankrupt. Be reasonable with your demands. Scour home and interior decoration magazines for ideas but don’t copy them outright. Put your own twist on it. This will add a personal touch to your home. Carry out any big renovations first. There are all sorts of fittings and fixtures that will suit your own specific needs. Everything else should come after.


Appliances nowadays come in more colours than standard white. Black and grey items are widely available. There are also a lot of brighter colours available for a little extra cost. Consider Smeg refrigerators and freezers. These come in near enough every colour under the sun. Make them a statement piece. They’ll stand out and have people talking.

Decoration and Accessories

Your kitchen, like the rest of your home, should reflect you and your personality. Plan a colour scheme and test out paint samples on your walls. The colour scheme can go beyond the walls too. Think of calendars, fridge magnets, coasters, ceramic kitchenware, mugs and cutlery. All of the little things add up and will contribute to the feel of the room. Certain accessories are better left out of the kitchen. Rugs, for example, pose a serious safety hazard. Keep everything as simple as possible. It’s a busy area and doesn’t need clutter or too much fuss.

Natural Light

Big, broad windows are perfect for kitchens. Plenty of natural lighting will make the space feel more open, accessible and comfortable. If you don’t have huge windows in your kitchen, make the most of what you have. Don’t block up your window with lots of bits and bobs on your window ledge. Avoid curtains and use blinds that can be pulled up instead. 

Light Fittings

There are so many different types of lighting that are ideal for your kitchen. Why stick with the standard rose fitting. Spotlights above worktop counters are brilliant for making sure you can see exactly what you’re doing while preparing food. If you dine in the kitchen, dimmer lights will be able to tone down the atmosphere as you eat or entertain.

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