Beware These Non Environmentally Friendly Things Lurking In Your Home

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

If you are anything like me, then you are keen on a green lifestyle and upcycling things. It's good to do your bit for the environment and keeping yourself healthy at the same time. So you may be pretty shocked to realize that there are plenty of things in your home that aren't great for you or the environment! Read on for some more information so you can deal with these issues, or avoid them the next time round.

Cleaning Products

Ok, so most of us are aware that many of our cleaning products have a lot of chemicals in. But we think we need them right? To get everything properly clean? Well, that isn't always the case. There are now environmentally safe cleaners that are on the market. These are made from ingredients that have a less harmful effect on plants and animals that are exposed to them via the water table.

You can also make your own natural cleaners using lemons, hot water or vinegar. This type of cleaner is very successful it getting cutlery and mirrors to shine. 

Hard Water

What a lot of pole don't realize is that they have hard water. Or water that contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. This gets into the water supply naturally. But it can be problematic to the environment. This is because the minerals in the water cause us to use more chemical and higher temperatures when washing our clothes to get the same results. This is of course, doubly bad for the environment.

However, it is a problem that can be resolved. Some people use a descaler in their wash, but this is just more chemicals thrown into the mix. Others try a water softening device instead. This is a gadget that neutralized the mineral deposits in your water supply. There are several different types on offer, and you can read more about them via these water softener reviews.

Water Bottles

Something else that is both bad for you and the environment is the overuse of disposable water bottle and coffee cups. Just imagine all the natural resources that are being used up for something that is immediately thrown away after use!

In fact, the use of plastics in these items is thought to be dangerous to the body as well. So invest in a ceramic on the go coffee cup and a glass or metal water bottle, for your own health and the sake of the environment.

Paper Napkins

Paper napkins seem pretty innocuous, don't they? We use them at parties or over dinner. They are hygienic because they get thrown away and they are cheap. But they are actually an unnecessary luxury. 

Paper napkins are wasteful as they can't be recycled as they often contain food waste. Ths means thousands of trees are being cut down and natural animal habitats being destroyed, just so we can wipe our face after er have eastern a burger!

To combat this waste, why not try, using cloth napkins instead, washing them between use to make sure that they don't carry any bacteria.

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