Stop Losing Sleep Over These Common Bedroom Problems

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The bedroom is the most important room in your house. At least, in my opinion, it is! It’s the room you can make your own, and the place where you relax and sleep. Everyone should have a peaceful bedroom that makes them calm at all times. So, it can be very annoying when problems occur and turn it into a room full of stress. 

Today, I’ve listed three common bedroom problems, and given you some simple ideas to counter them: 

Creaky Bed

Is there anything more annoying than a bed that creaks a lot? You turn over in your sleep and get greeted by the sound of your bed making loads of noise. It annoys me, as I end up being too afraid to move. I don’t want to wake anyone up with the sound of my freakishly loud bed! Thankfully, fixing a creaky bed requires no skill and very little effort. Most of the time, it creaks because of the bed frame. Check all the screws and tighten any that are loose. Once you’ve done that, have a lie on your bed and see if it’s made a difference. The majority of the time, it will silence your loud bed once and for all. Sometimes, with metal bed frames, a little bit of oil can help stop the joints from squeaking and creaking too. 

Dodgy Drawers

One bedroom burden that always gets me riled up is a dodgy drawer. Whether it’s a desk or a bedside table, an annoying drawer can haunt your life. We’ve all experience this at least once in our lives. We go to open a drawer, and it gets jammed, and we almost pull the handle off trying to get it out. Or, the opposite happens, and it slides open quickly and completely falls off. Typically, there is an easy way to fix this. The problem usually stems from the drawer slides. All you have to do is replace them, and you’re good to go. Anyone can do this; it will normally consist of unscrewing and screwing a few screws. I’d say it takes around five to ten minutes for each slide, nothing you can’t do in your spare time. 

Uncomfortable Mattress

Perhaps the biggest bedroom-bother is having an uncomfortable mattress. No one likes sleeping on something that feels like a rock. We want a comfy night's sleep, and our mattress plays a big part in that. The trouble is, they’ll always get worse over time. They’re meant to last for years, but, some can be very poor. And, to make matters worse, they cost a hell of a lot to replace. But, you can make this issue void if you buy a mattress topper. This is something that sits atop your current mattress and gives it a new lease of life. I got a memory foam one recently, and now I sleep like a baby every night. They cost a fraction of the price of a new mattress and are well worth the investment. 

Don’t lose sleep over these bedroom problems ever again. They’re easy to fix, and you can turn your room back into the peaceful haven it should be. 

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